Bengals penalties

Throughout the season I'll track penalties. I use up-to-date computer technology; writing it down on a piece of paper. Why do I do it? Well, you'll just have to work with me; I grew up with baseball stats as a young lad.

Here are Sunday's infractions.

Willie Anderson 2 (false start, holding)
Kenny Watson (chop block)
Shayne Graham (delay of game)
* one penalty with 12-men in the huddle.

Same as above. Season-long penalties will be accumulated here.

Against Chiefs, 5

Click read more for last season's numbers.

Eric Steinbach led the team with 9 penalties last season. Here is the complete list of last season's penalties -- likely the last time posted here.

Eric Steinbach 9 (5 false starts, 3 holding, part of a chop block)
Carson Palmer 7 (6 delay of games, intentional grounding)
Kevin Walter 7 (off-sides on kickoff, illegal crack block, 2 false starts, off line of scrimmage, holding on kickoff return, off-sides on punt)
Levi Jones 6 (4 false starts, 2 holding)
Bobbie Williams 5 (2 holding, 2 false start, personal foul late hit)
Ifeanyi Ohalete 4 (roughing the passer, pass interference, 15-yard face mask, off-sides)
Reggie Myles 4 (unnecessary roughness, 2 false starts, illegal touch)
T.J. Houshmandzadeh 4 (2 false start, 2 pass interferences)
 Robert Geathers 4 (off-sides, 2 encroachment, personal foul)
Odell Thurman 4 (pass interference, 5-yard face mask, off-sides, roughing the passer)
Marcus Wilkins 4 (2 illegal block in the back, holding, false start)
Reggie Kelly 4 (2 holding, false start, illegal formation)
Chad Johnson 3 (3 pass interference)
John Thornton 3 (holding, 2 defensive off-sides)
Duane Clemons 3 (15-yard face mask, defensive holding, tripping)
David Pollack 2 (off-sides; overturning fumble)
Deltha O'Neal 2 (2 pass interference)
Madieu Williams 2 (illegal contact, illegal block in the back)
Matt Schobel 2 (pass interference, holding)
Willie Anderson 2 (false start, holding)
Chris Henry 2 (false start, unsportsmanlike conduct)
Anthony Mitchell 2 (illegal contact, illegal block in the back)
Kevin Kaesviharn 2 (roughing the passer, pass interference)
Tory James 2 (2 pass interferences)
Brian Simmons 2 (2 illegal contacts)
Landon Johnson 2 (false start on punt, defensive holding)
Rudi Johnson 2 (illegal formation, offensive holding)
Justin Smith 2 (off-sides, unnecessary roughness)
Tony Stewart 2 (pass interference, illegal receiver pass)
Shayne Graham (kickoff out of bounds)
Jeremi Johnson (offensive holding)
Scott Kooistra (holding)
Rashad Bauman (holding)
Hannibal Navies (offensive off-sides)
Greg Brooks (offensive holding)
Brad St. Louis (false start)
Bryan Robinson (personal foul)
Rich Braham (false start)

One holding penalty with no name and three as 12-man on field (no player mentioned)

Chiefs, 6
Buffalo, 3
Detroit, 5
Cleveland, 6
Pittsburgh, 4
Baltimore, 5
Indianapolis, 9
Baltimore, 5
Green Bay, 3
Pittsburgh, 5
Tennessee, 4
Jacksonville, 14
Houston, 14
Chicago, 9
Minnesota, 17
Cleveland, 5

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