Chatman signing is confusing.

So who else thinks that releasing Antonio Chatman and then re-signing him was completely orchestrated? At first, when they kept him on the roster while being hurt, it confused me. With Henry out half a season and Chatman hurt all of preseason, it gave the Bengals three usable receivers. Chad, T.J. and Tab Perry -- Glenn Holt hasn't seen much of anything and Skyler Green is on this team for returns.When T.J.'s injury caused massive hemorrhages during the week leading up to Opening Weekend, it made us wonder, again, why Chatman was on the team using up a roster spot that could be used for a healthy receiver.

Then he was cut and not one person bickered. No one confused. Everyone pleased. Holding a roster spot for a guy that's, at best, middle of the road receiver that's been hurt his entire Cincinnati career, just didn't make sense. Not with Henry shelved until game #9.

After being cut heading into the weekend, the Bengals re-signed him the day after regular season game #1. Clearing up a roster spot, they cut Nate Lawrie who's biggest contribution Monday was a personal foul. There's one difference though between Lawrie and Chatman. Lawrie has played. Chatman hasn't.

But even Kevin Goheen made this observation:

The Bengals had released Chatman last Friday but in an odd occurrence Chatman was still seen at his locker that afternoon during an open locker room media session. Released players are normally gone from the locker room and the grounds of Paul Brown Stadium well before media have access for the day.

I'm not some anti-Chatman fellow either. I'm trying to understand their logic. If you were bound and determined to hold onto Chatman, then why not PUP? Anyway, I digress.

Post game quotes that interest me.

"Fortunately our defense came out and kept us in the game, made big plays, and just played great. The whole offense was so fired up for them because everybody keeps asking about the defense. There's a lot of question marks. I think they answered every question mark about 'Can the defense win games?' because they flat out won the game."
- Carson Palmer on the Bengals defense Monday Night.

"You'd love to have Chris Henry. But I think Tab (Perry) is really going to start coming into his own and start making big plays. He does so much for this team just on special-teams alone. I need to keep working with him. I missed him on a couple of things tonight, and I just need to keep repping things with him, keep working with him in practice, get on the same page with him. He'll be that guy."
- Palmer on Tab Perry.

Receivers have very different styles [Dayton Daily News]

Injury note

We should have the first injury report sometime this evening.

Vote, Vote, Vote

Vote for Robert Geathers here who's up for Defensive Player of the Week.


Old BengalZone buddy fired up his new own new blog Monday. It's good to have a community of well rounded and like minded bloggers. Our community continues to grow.

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