Thursday Morning Links and Notes -- Chad says blame the players

Chad Johnson speaks frankly.

"It was just a thought I had. I also said if my reasoning is right, I deserve it. I deserve what you would call a certain kind of punishment.

"There's nothing wrong with me. This is an NFL team, we have professional players. We have good players, or they wouldn't be in the NFL. You have a great player in 85, there's no excuse. It's easy what I can do. Nothing is different than any other year."

"We have more talent than way back then. Now the reason for us not being successful, I'm not Dr. Seuss but I know damn well we shouldn't be losing the way we are with what we have. It all comes down to us however you want to look at it."

Update on Jason Shirley's hearing.

A Fresno County Superior Court commissioner on Tuesday continued until Monday a jury motions hearing in the second DUI trial of former Fresno State defensive tackle Jason Shirley.

A jury in June failed to reach a verdict on three misdemeanor charges against Shirley: hit and run, driving under the influence and driving with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08%.

Why is it that Chris Henry is surprised at the Pacman Jones' suspension? After practice, Henry said, "It was a surprise. When I did talk to him, he just told me he didn't think it would be anything, really. I don't know. I guess the commissioner really ain't putting up with anything, especially being in his situation and my situation." We still wonder if Henry understands the point of having second, third and 15th chances.

It's likely that Carson Palmer could be out until after the bye week.

Backup quarterbacks (including Ryan Fitzpatrick) are generally struggling around the league.

Big Ben is 10-0 when he plays in his home state of Ohio.

The Steelers should have a majority of their banged up players "feeling better" when they come to Ohio.

Most Power Rankings are listing the Bengals from 30th to last place.

Chad Johnson on Carson Palmer: "The issue with (Palmer) is a lot more serious than playing this year. We're talking about his career in general. If it means sitting out this year or play another 20 or who knows how long he'll be able to go, I think it'd be in his best interests to sit out."

Houshmandzadeh on Palmer: "It would be the smart thing to do. Whether that will happen, I'm not sure. Carson wants to play. He's a veteran. If we can pile up some wins, maybe things change. But with a quarterback and his arm, the arm he throws with, you've got to be as careful as you can in a situation like this. I'm sure he's worried, obviously. But Carson probably has eight or nine years left to play. So you've just got to be smart."

The Bengals look to include their younger guys... FINALLY.

Lenvil Elliot died Sunday at his Richmond, Missouri home. Elliot was the Bengals' 10th round draft pick in 1973 and played six seasons with the team.

Willie Parker "aggravated the sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee". His status is uncertain now.

Cedric Benson may not start against the Steelers, but it could be really soon. Again, why not Kenny Watson?

Houshmandzadeh and Johnson should have been traded.

Johnson is on pace for the worst season in his career.

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