Drew and Chad are now Begging like Weasels. This is GREAT!

Chris Henry begged -- or is it bugged -- the judge during an April 22 hearing to allow him more "freedom" while waiting a trial on assault charges. Another hearing is scheduled for May 6. Not that it really matters since he's not a Bengals player anymore -- oh, how nice am I? (note: this is how bad Cincinnati.com's search engine is. I did a search on Chris Henry and it came back without any results)

Chad Johnson is, well, if you read this blog, you're well up to date on that. Wait, today is Friday. You're NOT up to date. Well, let's remedy that, shall we?

First, this excerpt on Lance's blog.

Jay Glazer, FOX NFL Insider with Jim Rome....on Chad
"It's too late to salvage this. People just don't understand how bad it has gotten. Last year, in a team meeting before a game...coaches asked if anyone had a problem with Chad. Carson Palmer stood up and said, "yea, I have a problem with him". Chad and Carson began arguing. Chad was screaming at Carson in the middle of the room"

This isn't the first time we've heard this. Even T.J. Houshmandzadeh's name has been dragged into it. Remember this story?

A league source tells us that there is growing animosity in the Bengals locker room toward receivers Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Per the source, both are yelling "all the time" at quarterback Carson Palmer, but coach Marvin Lewis doesn't say or do anything about it. Players are also upset that the two receivers are trying to "run the team."

The situation reminds us of the latter days of the Denny Green era in Minnesota, where receivers Cris Carter and Randy Moss were berating quarterback Daunte Culpepper and operating under a separate set of rules.

We should admit, we're not sure if the Glazier comment is about the same thing. It might be, it might not be. But from that December, 2007, post, it would appear that Lewis was already in a downfall of "losing the locker room". However, for his part, Marvin Lewis has won back the locker room -- which he apparently lost because of Chad Johnson anyway. I love full circle stories, don't you?

Per the source, one player's reaction was that Lewis should have gone even farther.  "He should have told Chad that he'd pack up his stuff and send it to him," the player said, "or that he'd just go ahead and send it all to Canton."

Now Oil Slick is pleading like a weasel amongst tigers.

Is this Chad's version of "next question"? If so, we're disappointed. We expected so much more than this. Oil Slick pleads that the Bengals have a "king's ransom" with two first round picks that have been reported in the media -- which isn't true. The Bengals were offered one first-round pick in 2008 and a conditional 2009 third-round pick that could have upgraded to a first. As our boy Beerrun says, give me two first round picks for 2008 and 2009, then we'll talk.

"Bengals, if you're listening to me, please trade Chad."

Oil Slick is begging, man. He's BEGGING. On your knees, boy. I guess he's feeling the pressure of having a huge chunk of, at least, $21 million of Chad's guaranteed money -- to start -- is weighing him down. We all know that Mike Brown and company are making a point here. One that's becoming supported, not only from Bengals fans (who'd also be just as happy waving goodbye), but even NFL fans are getting a thrill watching Oil Slick beg and Chad squirm. No, keeping Chad doesn't doesn't help this team. Not one bit. Still, if the team sticks to their guns, watching this episode will keep high entertainment value -- provided Oil Slick begs and Chad squirms. That stuff right there just makes my day.

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