Talking stats: Breaking down Palmer's numbers

Note: These are unconnected musings regarding Carson Palmer's statistical domination!

Arguably, 2007 was a rough season for Carson Palmer. Lacking a running game with two receivers as, basically, his only options, really hampered Palmer. It's why there's a theory going around that if the Bengals are to be offensively successful, Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh may catch less than 150 passes combined. Palmer threw for a career-high 575 passes in 2007 -- compared to 509 during the team's lone playoff season. Of those 575 passes, 442 went to Houshmandzadeh and Johnson (Stats, Inc.). Watson caught 52 passes in 2007 (career-high), but not other player recorded more than 21 receptions for the season. Combine the career-high of Watson's 52 receptions and Perry's 51 receptions, and the Bengals have two running backs capable of 50+ reception seasons.

Breaking down where Palmer threw the ball.

Season Attempts Left (%) Middle (%) Right (%)
2007 575 45% (258) 9% (53) 46% (264)
2006 520* 43% (222) 10% (54) 47% (243)
2005 509 39% (200) 10% (53) 50% (256)
2004 432 *+ 43% (187) 14% (64) 43% (180)
  2,036 43% (867) 11% (224) 46% (943)

* Numbers didn't add up -- one pass attempt missing
+ Palmer missed three games due to injury

More rumblings.

In 2007, Stats Inc., contributed Palmer's 202 Incomplete passes as follows:

Passes Dropped 21
Poor Throw 85
Passes Defensed 32
Passes Hit at Line 9
Other 35
Intercepted 20

And no, I don't know what they mean by "other".

Of the AFC North opponents (2007), Palmer only threw four picks in six games (two per Cleveland game). Passer rating wise, Palmer struggled the most against Pittsburgh

  1. Ravens, 95.8 passer rating (2 TDs, 0 Ints)
  2. Browns, 93.4 passer rating (7 TDs, 4 Ints)
  3. Steelers, 72.5 passer rating (TD, 0 Ints)

When the Bengals won (seven games) in 2007, Palmer threw 10 touchdowns against seven picks. In the nine games they lost, Palmer's touchdown totals went up (16), but so did his interceptions (13).

As good as Palmer's first-half passer rating (102.1) was in 2007, it was equally as poor in the second-half (73.5) and worse within the two minute warning of either half (70.2).

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