Sunday morning links and notes; Bengals looking to revamp playbook

What a weekend. We refreshed, searched, refreshed, clicked, refreshed, typed, refreshed, napped, and refreshed. Since Friday, we published 26 posts, with few things actually happening; Chris Crocker signed, Stacy Andrews and Ryan Fitzpatrick left. Derrick Ward and T.J. Houshmandzadeh had their visits. We think we did a good job, passing along the information we received and the stories that would finally refresh after beating the hell out of our F5 key. Since we were doing specific postings, we've neglected all of the other stories that may have surfaced. So, that's what we're doing now. Consider this our "Links and Notes".

+ C Trent finds Bengals fans confusing:

* I'm absolutely floored by some of the Bengals fans I hear bemoaning the fact Stacy Andrews signed for a reported multi-year deal worth $7 million per. They're all saying it's proof the Bengals aren't going to spend money, but they're the same people who would complain if the Bengals signed him for that same contract. Seriously, if it pains you too much to be a Bengals fan to use your brain, why do it?

* That said, there are now even more needs for the Bengals on the offensive line. They'll have to sign an OL or two in addition to their draft.

I'm not sure if there's one person on Cincy Jungle that took Andrew's signing with the Eagles as bad news, or bemoaning anything. Admittedly, I didn't listen to local sports talk radio this weekend, and I stopped reading the comments in Cincinnati Enquirer pieces. However, Cincy Jungle has the best reader base on the web that uses plenty of common sense. So perhaps we should get C Trent to hang out here more. Eh?

+ The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy replaced Mark Curnutte as the Bengals' beat writer a while back, and I believe the transfer has been flawless. Reedy has done a good job in the spirit of giving us the information we need to make informed opinions. You know, a journalist, which too many people often confuse as an columnist that should spin webs of opinion. Of all those that cover the Bengals, only Paul Daugherty is paid to provide his opinion; the rest are here to inform you. Reedy talks about the Bengals coaches revisiting the offensive playbook:

After the offense finished last in the league for the first time, coach Marvin Lewis, Bratkowski and the rest of the offensive staff went through every play from last year and evaluated what succeeded and what didn't. From there they have started to rebuild the playbook, starting with pass protection schemes before moving to running plays and eventually all of the pass plays.

Throughout the process, Bratkowski and quarterback Carson Palmer have been in constant communication about what they would like to accomplish. Palmer is currently working out in California, but he has DVDs of the last six seasons. If Bratkowski wants him to look at something, Palmer can flip in the DVD and give his opinion about a play or scheme.

"In most of the cases I have been anticipating what he would say," Bratkowski said.

Bob Bratkowski wasn't fired during the off-season, at the dismay of all of us. Hue Jackson was considered momentarily for several offensive coordinator positions, including the Bengals, but didn't land anywhere. Our quarterbacks coach, Ken Zampese, at one point an apprentice to become a coordinator, has also been considered for other jobs. He stayed.

However, the one thing you observe happening through the first two days of free agency, is that they've been quiet on the offensive front, signing no one while having interest in receiver Bryant Johnson and entertaining Derrick Ward. Granted, we made the point that it's way too early to judge anything and complaining about no activity in the first two days is a bit premature, considering that we have to consider the draft to make judgments on off-season personnel changes. However, free agency itself is dwindling starters away, leaving guys that would help build your depth charts -- which is something that we've adamantly complained about, the past few seasons, as being the weakest aspect of our 53-man roster.

More, more, more.

Geoff Hobson updates the Virtual Hall of Fame.

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If you guys are Cincinnati sports fans, and love the Reds like you should, then include Red Reporter as your mandatory hangout.

A quick, perhaps useless, recap of Ickey Woods' football career.

Of the wide receivers hitting their sophomore season in the NFL, Jerome Simpson is the only one listed as "not likely to make it" by No Off Season.

Bleacher Report breaks down the Bengals 2009 NFL Draft.

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