Beanie Wells' foot is a concern; no it's fine; how high do the Bengals have him? writes that Beanie Wells' (who in the hell calls him Chris anymore?) agent says his client's foot is just fine.

An internet report surfaced this week that teams were backing away from Ohio State running back Chris “Beanie” Wells because of concern about sesamoid bones — two pea-shaped bones located in the ball of the foot, beneath the big toe joint — in his right foot.

The irony here is that said "internet report" came from none other than Peter King. When you think internet report, you think of low-profile bloggers looking for a big-hit day. King is unequivocally out of that realm, who is paid very well (a characterization that doesn't define internet reports, which used to be given to bloggers and blogs). So while yes, it's true, they are internet reports, it came from Peter King.

Some teams are scared off by a sesmoid bone problem in one of big back Beanie Wells' feet.

So, King says that there's a problem. Wells' agent, who god-willing would sacrifice a goat to make his client appear 100% healthy, says no problem here. Move along.

There's also a thought that Beanie Wells could be higher on the Bengals board than any team. I have no source, no outside influence to conjure up Nostradamus-like visions of the future or Hiro Nakamura talents of stopping time to get a peak without being noticed. By the way, when I say "there's a thought", it's my brain suddenly firing its cylinders while listening to Halo soundtracks while reading reports (work related this time, sorry). Then I react to my own very thought, "Oh my god." Freaks out my co-workers. It's great.

This is the thinking, however.

  • Bengals need a running back
  • A pretty good running back is coming out of tOSU
  • Worried that we need play-makers (which falls in line with the Michael Crabtree reasoning)
  • History of awful personnel decisions

Let me say this. I'm a Buckeye. Love 'em. I'm a fan of football in the state of Ohio that's not in a city called Cleveland. Wells was awesome as he matured and his sudden acceleration through the line was always impressive during his long rushes. Durability is flagging him though. We saw it at tOSU. Admittedly, he gutted it out. But this is the pros, where gutting it out has much less incentive. That's not to defame the character of NFL players compared to college players. You see the relation though, don't you?

In the end, it wouldn't surprise me if the Bengals drafted Wells.

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