Note to Shutdown Corner: Bengals' Chad Ochocinco Johnson had an impressive three-game stretch too

The topic. Greatest three-game stretch by a wide receiver. The issue. Negligence. Drew Bennett spent two days as the Baltimore Ravens' newest wide receiver; signing on Friday, retiring on Sunday. It was weird. Like finding yourself awoken by a terrible mistake. So you look for an out. Any out. No matter how convincing or unconvincing it is. It's an out. That's the only end game. My knee kind of hurts. Bye.

After that sequence of events, Shutdown Corner's Chris Chase writes that Drew Bennett had the "greatest three-game stretch in recent NFL history."

For three games in Weeks 13-15 of the 2005 season, Bennett put up stunning, historic numbers for the Tennessee Titans. Catching balls from backup Billy Volek(notes), Bennett posted 28 receptions, 517 yards and eight touchdowns in those three games. In comparison, here are the best three-game totals from some of the premiere receivers in NFL history:

  • Jerry Rice(notes): 32 receptions, 563 yards, 3 touchdowns
  • Marvin Harrison(notes): 28 receptions, 421 yards, 6 touchdowns
  • Randy Moss(notes): 22 receptions, 403 yards, 5 touchdowns
  • Terrell Owens(notes): 24 receptions, 472 yards, 7 touchdowns

Oh, really?

Let's rewind a moment, for a team that Shutdown Corner only talks about when they're doing crazy stuff off-the-field. From week 10 in 2006 to week 12, Chad Johnson (what he was known back then as) recorded 24 receptions for 573 yards and five touchdowns. The yardage is more than any of those receivers and all three of Johnson's stats during his three-game stretch is superior than Moss'. And four of the five touchdowns went for 51, 74, 41 and 60 yards.

Johnson's performance was better than Bennett's. Statistically speaking, not so much. Comparable at best. But in those three games, Johnson did more to help his team win than Bennett did; the Titans lost all three games in which Bennett recorded this accomplishment. Granted, it's not Bennett's fault. Scoring eight touchdowns really is doing everything you could possibly do. However, in Johnson's case, two touchdowns broke a tie against the New Orleans Saints and his first touchdown against the Chargers gave the Bengals a three touchdown lead in the first quarter and kept the Bengals afloat for much of the game before the defense gave up 42 points -- in the second half.

My point isn't to demean or downgrade Bennett's accomplishments. They really are impressive. How about a little love for Chad Johnson in the debate. Apparently to get Shutdown Corner's attention, we have to break a law, or acquire a player with red flags.

When seeing something like this, praising an accomplishment for a span of games in which the player's team lost more games than won, you have to ask yourself something else: is this proof that Fantasy Football is ruining the sport, or redirecting the priority of the common fan? (Note: the common fan aren't die hard fanatical crazies like we are)

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