Sam Wyche ranked as one the of motivational coaches in history; reactions to hard knocks shows pointless "expert opinion"

In James Walker's latest mailbag, the following question was asked.

Nick from Cincinnati, Ohio, writes: With the Bengals drafting inside linebacker Rey Maualuga, will he sit behind starter Dhani Jones or be moved to left outside linebacker so he can start?

Now I got to thinking -- whether you go to Cincy Jungle or not -- shouldn't you have at least a working knowledge of how the team plans on using Maualuga? More responses to the Bengals making the playoffs. discusses the top ten motivational coaches in NFL History. Number nine, Sam Wyche. Any guesses on the most famous speech in his career? Though it's always nice to see former Cincinnati mayor, Jerry Springer. Right? Anyone?

Carson Palmer isn't very enthusiastic about Hard Knocks coming into Bengals training camp. However, Chick Ludwig makes an argument that the Bengals need them.

The series should enhance their poor image. They’re viewed as losers and perceived as criminals. They’ve had one winning season in 18 years and went through a stretch where 10 players were arrested in 15 incidents between December 2006 and June 2007.

But the most obvious reason?

And let’s not forget that season tickets are available for the first time in three years. Paul Brown Stadium is nowhere near sold out.

The Bengals don’t get any money from “Hard Knocks.” However, with 30 million HBO subscribers in 50 states, the team is bound to win some fans eager to cough up cash for tickets.

Remember: Team owner and president Mike Brown is a very smart businessman.

Speaking of Ludwig, he remembers when Akili Smith didn't know who he was.

Andrew Crummey got in 25 snaps last season, including 11 plays at center and a snap at tight end against Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney.

James Hasty said on ESPN's NFL Live:

"I just want to know why we would even want to watch the Cincinnati Bengals? I think we're going to watch them for one reason and one reason alone: How not to run a professional franchise."

This my friends, is "expert analysis" courtesy of ESPN.

Who Dey Fans respond to the article that the Bengals have the worst uniforms in professional sports.

Let me tell you what I think of Paul Lukas. This is a DBag that has spends his time making fun of the clothes that men wear. Rather than worry about the important things in a professional sport like the action or score, he wonders if the free safety is wearing socks that match his helmet. This ranks with the hoards of girls that root for players based on "who's hot".

Thank you.

Rookie Michael Johnson came away from the rookie symposium saying:

"There shouldn't be any excuses for messing up," he said, "They kept repeating, 'Choices, decisions, consequences.' There wasn't so much that there was a lot of stuff covered. But there was a lot of repetition and there's nothing wrong with that."

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