Palmer taking Henry under his wing; the devil called, said it's cold. No Bengals players going on PUP.

+ Carson Palmer had a more-than-typical day of stories; relatively speaking for him of course. First, the introverted God of the Golden Arms noticed cameramen turning into zombies, crashing on the car window as he pulled into the parking lot. But that was before he picked up Chris Henry because the receiver's fiance had to borrow the car. Apparently Henry will set the world record for quickest turn around -- going from troubled to obedient family guy. However, as Joe Reedy says, "you can also call it another sign of Palmer’s taking Henry under his wing and helping him out." Or you can call it, Palmer needing Henry to beat the Steelers secondary (badly, like he used to) and making sure he's there on game day. Same thing.

+ Marvin Lewis is gleeful because he has no one to put on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list for the first time in seven years. I think I know why. His name was Chris Perry.

+ Mike Zimmer said:

“We’ve got a pretty deep group at linebacker. On the line there’s going to be one guy whose a pretty good player whose probably not going to make the club and safety looks pretty full also.”

Honestly, I wouldn't put much stock into believing that there will be a surprise cut here. I believe he's just selling the overall improvement of the team's defensive front. Maybe to fans to buy tickets. Or maybe he genuinely believes that, with Tank and Michael Johnson making their Bengals debut this year.

Laveranues Coles speaks on Chad Ochocinco Johnson Tolliver Rodriguez Smith.

"Just being around him, you can tell the way the media portrays him he is not the person that he is, I can tell you that," Coles said. "When he's away from the camera and not Twittering, he's a great guy. He loves to have fun. He's a great teammate. I think he just enjoys being Chad and I think a lot of guys should enjoy themselves.

"We're all made up different," Coles said. "And he's one of those guys that loves what he's doing and likes the attention. That's one of the great things about him.  He's one of those people that can go out and say things and still draw attention to himself and still go out and perform when he's double teamed. Having a guy like that on your team makes it fun, makes it interesting, and it also get a lot of publicity."

(Quick note for Geoff Hobson: Never use the word "inject" for any reason about any football related player, team or medical staff with Cincinnati)

With Tank Johnson playing only on a one-year deal, and only Domata Peko and Pat Sims as the NFL ready defensive tackles signed in 2010 (depending of course how Jason Shirley does this year), will the Bengals look at a defensive tackle heavy crop in the 2010 NFL draft?

Dave points out that Andre Smith is the only unsigned draft pick in the AFC North, after Brian Robiskie and Michael Oher signed their respective deals. In other players signing deals in the AFC North news, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed Heath Miller to a six-year contract.

Fox Sports' Peter Schrager thinks that Bernard Scott is worth rooting for this year. I agree.

Michael Vick will be counted against the 53-man roster if the team "elects to make available to practice". Prisco says his future is a backup quarterback. There's reports surfacing that the Baltimore Ravens are admitting that they have some interest in Michael Vick. There's also rumor that the Ravens could explore a trade for Brandon Marshall.

Paul Brown is listed by the Sporting News as the 12th greatest coach of all time -- in seven major sports (MLB, NFL, NHL, MLB, college football and basketball -- men's and women's). Brown is listed as the second greatest NFL coach. A few notables on the list includes Woody Hayes at #27 and Sparky Anderson at #38

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