Know Thy Enemy - Game #1 Broncos

Without getting into any sort of Sun Tzu tripe, one of the things I like about SB nation is to be able to check out what fans are saying about their beloved team, and gain better insight.  It's kind of fun to see others drinking Kool Aid this time of year.  But the point here is to learn who we face and how or if we can beat the tar out of them and get off to a good start this season.

There's a LOT of turmoil in Denver.

Coach Shannahan.  Gone.

Jay Cutler.  Gone.

Brandon Marshall.  Gone?

They still have their beloved Champ Bailey though.  They build snow and ice sculptures of him all the time.

Now, lets get to what their fans are saying.  I'm going to throw quotes that are interesting, and site posts where they are at.  Example #1 is going to be from a first time poster over there at Mile High Report

This guy seems like a good homer but knows his team.

O-Line:  We have the best O-Line in the NFL.  Period.  Continuing from last year I expect dominance from our line and project that the emphasis will now focus more on a balanced run/pass scenario.  Our pass protection is awesome with young talent in Clady/Harris at the left and right tackle positions respectfully.  At guard I will give the nod to Hamilton but if his motor stalls like happened last year sporadically he will undoubtedly be pulled as our new coach is fearless and will play the best person always.  Kuper gets the other spot as he has developed nicely and may even get better with the new guard pulling run attack McDaniels brings from NE.  Of course that leaves us with Wiegmann at center which the resigning of made my day.  Lichtensteiger is an awesome back-up at both center and guard and provides us with an insurance policy if age catches up with Casey.  Adding our draftees of this year with those of last year and we have decent to solid depth for a line that is bordering on greatness.


D-Line- Now things start to get interesting.  First a little history, sort of, Denver has drafted for speed on defense for generations and now that sometimes fault may provide us with an opportunity.  Take Marcus Thomas for instance.  Three years ago he came in over weight by Shannahan standards and was asked to trim up and put on more muscle.  He has been increasingly more effective every season but now we switch to a 3-4 oh no.  What this means to me is now we have a slimmed down DT that has been trained to be faster.  Sounds like a pretty good 3-4 end doesn’t it.  I have heard he is going for the NT position and I do believe the probable heavy rotation at that spot will include him but as with all of our defensive players left on the line the prior regimes system may make them even better prospects at their new positions.  May I also point out that the 3-4 I put up shows us having close to 1000 pounds of angry players which  is what we put out before but with 4 players.  We are going big and fast.



I see us in two ways.  If our coach is as smart as I hope we are about to begin a dominating campaign that will lead to at worst a playoff appearance this season.  I believe that the play-calling last year grew stale and predictable as the reason for it was not to win games but garner league attention with stats.  I believe that while Bates was innovative at times he is still young in his football I.Q.  Slowik is the worst D.C. EVER.  I cannot speak on his on his other coaching abilities as they seem to be focused more on offense in the first place(I believe he was a QB coach before he was our secondary coach then our DC?)  Anyway,  I think that last year’s aberrations have been nullified and the holdover players are better than there disorganized play last season.  I see potential in this team and every move made by McDaniels seems to have a purpose.  If he is as advertised we will be dominating this division now and for the foreseeable future.  On the other hand if what most of the so-called experts say is true then we just might be the new Detroit Lions/Oakland-L.A. Raiders.


So.  Lets think about these quotes.  DO the Broncos really have the best O line int he NFL?  IS their D line Big and Fast?  Or, as he says the so called experts think they are the new Detriot or LA?


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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