Palmer still isn't practicing; only two sacks have come from the starting offensive line

Much like last week, Wednesday and Thursday will be packed. On Wednesday, the fourth episode of Hard Knocks will broadcast at 10 PM on HBO. On Thursday, the Bengals host the Indianapolis Colts in their preseason finale. We should find out Monday if the game will be blacked out; which we expect will be, considering the fourth preseason game is much less interesting than the dress rehearsal, as hot preseason storylines go.

Joe Reedy puts his hat in the ring at the Nostrodomus school of predicting the 53-man roster. One quick note, Reedy has J.P. Foschi making the team if Ben Utecht goes on IR. I agree with that assessment after watching Foschi against the Rams. It wasn't so much his 20-yard reception where he blocked out a defensive back. His run blocking isn't that bad. When the Bengals had first-and-ten at their own three-yard line, it was Foschi's block that opened the gap just enough for Bernard Scott to pick up eight yards.

We got giddy after learning from a Reedy tweet that Palmer appears to be practicing Sunday afternoon. While he wore his jersey, he's "still on a side field while the rest of the team went through drills."

Bengals quarterbacks have been sacked 11 times this preseason. Only two have come from the starting offensive line.

James Walker doesn't expect Andre Smith to start against the Denver Broncos. Ludwig projects him starting. Offensive line coach (you know, the guy that actually matters), doesn't expect Smith to be ready.

Much of making the team for lower-teir players is how well you contribute on special teams.

Now that Cris Collinsworth is Al Michael's partner on Sunday Night Football, he's ready for the big role.

Dayton Daily News writer Sean McClelland -- the guy that said the Bengals should sign Vick with the logic that would turn a ferret into an MIT graduate -- thinks that the Bengals on Hard Knocks has been embarrassing.

Former Bengals quarterback David Kingler talks about the new era of spread offenses in college.

Don Banks hates the preseason, because it's a "poor imitation" of the real thing, lacks the league's star players and the "drama for a job is overblown." As a fan, I agree. But I also know that the preseason is really only for the coaches and the players. Fans and media need not apply.

Is the 2004 quarterback class better than the 1983 class?

Len Pasquarelli examines the affects of the wedge rule.

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