It's only 1 Game, We Have To Move On

I have been noticing there are alot of people and fans that have lost faith already not only in the Bengals, but in Marvin Lewis, Carson Palmer and our entire organization. I AM NOT ready to immediately give up on the Bengals based on one game, stuff happens but the important factor is to see how the team responds in Week 2.

Yes I am frustrated

Yes we were clearly the better team

Yes there were some bad play calls made

Yes Coles looked horrible

Yes the defense should not have given up that "fluke" pure luck play

But at the end of the day we're 0-1 and this game could be a lesson learned by the Bengals to never let an inferior team stay around during the game and what adjustments need  to be made. Many great NFL teams have lost on "flukish" last minute plays..we'll be OK.. we're not the Browns..

Game 1:

2 Minute Drill: The hurry up offense was spectacular and Carson Palmer orchestrated a spectacular drive and Bob Bratkowski made some great 2 minute calls. (cant say much about his other decisions)

Offensive Weapons:

-Andre Caldwell has shown yesterday that when healthy he can deepen our WR and his hands in that game were reliable

-Cedric Benson shows he has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield with his total yardage numbering 108.

-Brian Leonard looks like he can be a HUGE WEAPON for us this season, he made some nice plays and he looks like he can give us some smash mouth football plays.


I do not understand why people are comparing this offense to last year's offense. We actually where able to run the ball and pass the ball and Carson wasn't being pounded play after play. The offense had an effective drive early and  would have scored a field goal in an early drive when we drove down the field, but with a new LS and new place holder thats bound to happen until they develop a stronger feel for each  other.

-Carson Palmer missed the last couple of pre season games and still passed for 247 yards. How can you expect the offense to mesh knowing he would be coming into the game rusty and off of an ankle injury? Plus in my opinion his interceptions where not his fault..Champ Bailey made a great play on the football with the deflection, Ocho should have fought for what I perceived was a catchable ball. The 2nd int was a hail mary so that really shouldnt reflect his play.

I WILL NOT BLAME CARSON PALMER.. Look he's not Jake Delhomme...Jake Delhomme has superior  OL protection compared to Carson and he make bad decisions his self so he is to blame. People wonder why Carson has began to struggle from 05-09 its because the Bengals had one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. people give to much credit to these great QB's in the league without aknowledging their offensive line. Not saying our 2009 Bengals line sucks, bc as of yesterday the don't so far, but in 05 He had one of the best if not the best RT in Willie Anderson Pro Bowl LG Stud Eric Steinbach Levin Jones (before the injuries) Stacy Andrews a decent C in Rich Braham.. When Carson had this great line he was one of the top QB's in the NFL, Rudi Johnson was one of the best RB's in the NFL. My key point is you can't say Carson's play has deteriorated.. the Offensive Line has.. unless your are a scrambling QB. . even Tom Brady, Peyton Manning would find it hard to make plays with no Probowl Caliber Lineman.. Look at their O Lines.. I can guarantee you there is atleast one pro bowler..Name one Pro Bowler on our line...

Defense: The defensive play was stellar excluding the last play. Antwan Odom has 2 sacks in 1 game vs. his 2 sacks in a whole season.

- We have BIG HITTERS something we desperately needed (i.e. Roy Williams, Rey Maualuga, Keith Rivers)

- Our secondary kept Brandon Marshall in check

- Roy Williams didn't hurt our pass defense

- Ray Maualuga looks like he is going to be a hard hitting force to be reckoned with this season

- We had great rotation within the Defensive Line

-Johnathan Joseph played stellar against Brandon Marshall and made a HUGE play which should have been revied

O Line:

An Unproven offensive line with new starters minus Andre Smith looked better than our O-Line last  season. Green Bay's 3-4 defense will give a more accurate look of how our Offensive Line will be.

Laverneus Coles:

-Of course he is going to struggle before he is comfortable and finds his place in this offense after being in the Jets Offensive System for years. He's a vet i'm confident he will adjust and become an intrical part within the offense, If not we still have Henry and Caldwell who are more than capable of playing his position.


- Not only is Estaban back he is not bitching after the loss and he  has returned to the old Chad, made some great plays against Champ


IT'S ONLY 1 GAME PEOPLE!!! You never really know who are going to be the good NFL teams until around Week 6 or 7. The 2007 SUPER BOWL GIANTS  started their season 0-2. If the offense continues to struggle and the Bengals begin to actually lose by their own will and not a "miracle" then it is the time to panic. Right now we need to be focused on Green Bay and making our adjustments to come out with a W.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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