If I were GM for a day...

So lets be clear, I am totally and completely aware that the guy who tips his waitress less than 10% and cleans the lint out of his own belly button to save money on kindling (Mike Brown) is not about to hire a GM.  But for the sake of argument, if Mike Brown hired me as GM for a day, this is what I would do.

First, a few reminders: The specific rules of restricted free agency vary among the major professional sports, but in principle, it means that a player is free to solicit offers from other teams for new contracts. However, before this player is allowed to sign with the new club, the current club has a chance to match (or come within 10% in some leagues) the terms of the new contract in which case the player must remain with the original team

Lets analyze the needs of our team vs. the availability of players on the market..

Team Needs:  WR, TE, S, DE?, DT?, k?, CB (for depth), OL (for depth),

Priority 1 - Address offensive needs.  I personally would do this via free agency, bring in some proven commodities to give Carson some new weapons.  Sooo...

WR in RFA: Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin, Brandon Marshall, Braylon Edwards, Malcom FLoyd, Lance Moore - Of this Group, only Brandon Marshall, Malcom Floyd, and Lance Moore seem realistically available.

UFA - Terrel Owens, Antonio Bryant, Kevan Walter, Derrick Mason, Nate Burrelson, Chris Chambers - An interesting group of players, several could be an upgrade to what we have currently,  but clearly a step down from the RFA group.

TE in RFA -Owen Daniels, Bo Scaife, Tony Scheffler, Anthony Fasano - There are some kickers and girl scouts who could play TE for us (in fairness to our guys, I've never that much arm hair on a girl before...).

UFA - Ben Watson, Randy McMichael, Alge Crumpler, Brandon Manumaleuna.

My Solution?  Trade for Brandon Marshall!  OK, the guy has had some issues for sure but thats the kind of player that would completely change the dynamic of our offense.  He's most likely not going back to Denver next year, so why not send him our way?  To get him, I'd give up a 1st rounder, L. Coles,  and maybe a future third round pick (not this year).  Putting him alongside Chad would give us one of the sickest WR combos in the league, not to mention two of the biggest basket cases in the league (oh wait... thats a bad thing?).  But seriously, I think its worth a risk.  If we can't get Marshall, I would take a long hard look at Antonio Bryant, Chris Chambers, or Malcom Floyd.  As for tight ends, I'd pick up any of these guys who we can get on the cheap.  I'd definitely drop Coats, and maybe Foschi, and let Coffman develop underneath our new TE, & Reggie Kelly.

Priority 2 - Since our primary offensive needs are addressed, I would build Defense of the future through the draft.  If there is one thing that M. Lewis has been great on through the years, its drafting defense.  So lets stick with that. 

Round #1 - If pick is not traded for Brandon Marshall -  DT Brian Price UCLA

Round #2 - S - Morgan Burnnett GT

Round #3 - DT- Torrel Troup UCF (only if we trade pick #1, if not then move up DE to this round)

Round #4 - WR - Eric Decker MN

Round #5 - DE - Jemaine Cunningham FL (if DE is already picked in round 3, find a Lineman or CB)

After that, I think you just draft for potential.  Anyways, these are my rambling.  What would you do as GM?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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