no more speculation or wish lists

With all the Bengal bashing going on, I thought now would be a nice time to put some actual backing behind all these claims of New HC, new OC, new QB etc. Everyone is quick to burn the ships we rode into the land of mediocrity on, but don't ever back it up with better alternatives. So let's do just that.  Personally, I'm fine w/Marvin as our HC right now- more so, he absolutely deserves an extension (within the terms he wants it, ie: more personnel control, indoor practice facility being the 2 most glaring examples). BUT for those of you who are calling for a new HC, please tell me who you'd rather have and more importanly, why you could see them coming here to coach under MB. Ideally if Marvin doesn't come back/accept extension, then I'd like Zimmer to take the reigns and keep his coaching focus on defense. I think we're all in agreement at DC, nothing wrong there (one of the few bright spots that we can probably all agree on). So next up OC....Brat sucks. fact. but who is out there who would realistically come to the Bengals???  QB is up next. We're all familiar with the QB struggles over the last decade (ok almost 2 decades) Carson Palmer has been and IMO is a franchise QB.Elite....NO, not anymore, but i'm still comfortable with him as our QB (see last years 6-7 game winning drives)....but alas, who can we replace him with? No one is going to trade us their Franchise QB, so that leaves us with drafting a replacement...track record in that department is 1 for who knows the #? Palmer has been our only successful QB in the past 20 years, but it seems everyone thinks we can just easily draft his well has that worked in the past before him??? So, let's hear it, who would the REALISTIC QB of our future be???? 

Lastly, incase that was somewhat of a rant/ramble, I want to conclude with summing up my thoughts on those questions with IMO best case scenario's....feel free to disagree strongly, which i'm sure lots of you will.

Marvin-  gets the power he wants and gets an extension, OR move him to GM, Zimmer to HC.

OC- Fire Brat, who do we bring in? Honestely, I don't have an answer for this....  Maybe Zampese (unproven track record) or possibly bring up a OC from the college ranks (Alabama's style would fit our current personnel scheme, as would Oklahoma's, maybe even Texas Tech's high powered passing game.)

---side note: charlie wies would've been a definate upgrade

Palmer- I'm fine with Palmer if we can get OC taken care of and spend a few draft picks on O-line...too many years of missing on a Franchise QB for me to let Palmer walk just yet....


Just for fun- Puff Daddy  recently made it known he wants to own an NFL franchise....would anyone be okay w/him buying the team from the Brown family??? one thing we could count on is accountability- that dudes does not tolerate failure/lack of results


Thanks for reading, remember we're all in this together.... WHO-DEY !!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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