Bengals Player Pick 'Em Week 8 vs Miami

Last weekend sucked.  Both my NFL teams lost and the only team I care about at all that won was my fantasy team.  I'd trade that for a win by EITHER of my teams in a new york microsecond.  At least the Bengals managed to make a game of it in the second half.  That may be a first all season, hell a first in four years.  Brat obviously is getting his duties at least reduced, because he doesn't have enough brainpower to figure out the halftime adjustments for a elementary school football team.  WAY past due, but better late than never I guess.

Well, regardless, we can't change the past.  Time to move on to the Dolphins.  I guess that second-half comeback gives me a tiny bit of hope for this game, but the fact that the Fins are coming off a blatantly stolen game mostly negates that.  That HAS to be pissing them off to no end, or at least their fans.  What may decide this game is if they come in so focused on the past that they lose this game by lack of concentration.  Not terribly likely, but I can hope, right?  But at least we do have a theoretical shot in the game even without that, and I guess that's better than nothing.

Anyway, place your picks for this coming week in the comments.  Scoring recap post from last week is repeated below the jump as well as the summary version of the rules.  (Review the original full write-up of the rules here if you like.)  Pick your player in the comments and have fun!

You know, I don’t know whether I’m sad that I missed the third quarter, or glad that at least I was spared the heartache of the fourth. At least our boys showed up for part of the game and showed they really did know how to play football for one entire quarter of the game. If they could do that for an entire game now, it would really help. And if they do, we do still have a chance. But if they don’t, we don’t.

In the meantime, at least we’re still scoring lots of points in this game. It’s a very minor balm to just barely soothe a bit of the aching soul, but it’s better than nothing. We had 33 participants so a max uniqueness of 32, but we actually had a defensive score this week, which means had anybody picked Adam Jones we would have finally seen a doubled up score. Unfortunately, nobody did. Offensively points were scored by Jordan Shipley, Chad Ochocinco, and Terrell Owens, all of whom were picked by somebody. Defensively Leon Hall (who was picked) scores points for his INT and Adam Jones (who was not) would have scored off his FF-FR-TD combo. Adam would have scored 64 points for actually getting the ball in the endzone, which would have been a nice boost of points if somebody had picked him.

So this gives us weekly scoring of:

32 points – CincinnatiCyanide88 (Leon Hall)
30 points – TheCinWin (Jordan Shipley)
30 points – Rockhound-11 (Jordan Shipley)
30 points – Alexneyer (Jordan Shipley)
28 points – Purple City Middie (Terrell Owens)
28 points – Cry (Terrell Owens)
28 points – BonnieBengal (Terrell Owens)
28 points – FriarBob (Terrell Owens)
28 points – BoomerEsiasonsLoveChild (Terrell Owens)
27 points – jimbasa (Chad Ochocinco)
27 points – Carsonorbust (Chad Ochocinco)
27 points – Oregonbengalsfan (Chad Ochocinco)
27 points – MCSubtext (Chad Ochocinco)
27 points – quickslant (Chad Ochocinco)
27 points – CincyMike56 (Chad Ochocinco)

And this leaves us with a seven-week leaderboard of:

1. FriarBob – 196 points
2. CincyMike56 – 168 points
3. Mr. X – 160 points
4t. quickslant – 149 points
4t. Cry – 149 points
5. Purple City Middie – 143 points
6. CincinnatiCyanide88 – 138 points
7. Jake Liscow – 122 points
8. The Dealio – 117 points
9. BradDwayne – 111 points
10. the Flying Pig – 110 points
11. Jcon77 – 109 points
12t. James Schmid the great – 104 points
12t. Rocket_Man_G – 104 points
13. jimbasa – 100 points
14. duffmane – 86 points
15. BoomerEsiasonsLoveChild – 77 points
16. tafjag1 – 75 points
17t. Boomer Lion – 73 points
17t. TrickyD26 – 73 points
17t. Throw the ball – 73 points
17t. jimmer9 – 73 points
17t. TruWhoDey – 73 points
18. WHYUS!! – 72 points
19. TheCinWin – 67 points
20. Alexneyer – 65 points
21t. Carsonorbust – 64 points
21t. BonnieBengal – 64 points
22. MCSubtext – 62 points
23. Oregonbengalsfan – 58 points
24t. darth zalmer – 54 points
24t. Bengal mayhem – 54 points
25. emeybee – 53 points
26. whodey?? – 52 points
27t. Jaegner – 49 points
27t. ephr – 49 points
28. Richard L – 37 points
29. ritalin – 31 points
30. Rockhound-11 – 30 points

Here is a quick recap of the rules.

  1. Pick one player (Make it easy on me, make him the title of your post.  Both first and last name please, and please try to avoid nicknames or blatant misspellings.) who is NOT officially listed as a QB, P, or PK on the roster.
  2. An offensive score is worth one point per participant who did not pick your player.
  3. A defensive player is worth 2/1/0.5 point(s) per participant who did not pick your player based on if he 2) actually scored, 1) gained possession of the ball for the team but didn't actually score, or 0.5) allowed the Bengals to gain possession by causing a fumble (or blocking a kick) that another Bengals player recovered.  Sacks or tackles behind the line of and by themselves are not worth anything unless they are a strip-sack (0.5 points if we recover) or they are also a safety (2 points).  All half-points will be rounded down.  A blocked FG is always 0.5 for the blocker, a blocked punt is the same unless the blocker is the only person (on either team) to touch the ball before it becomes a safety (in which case it becomes 2 points).
  4. You score the maximum possible points for your player but only one time.  So a defensive player who forces an opponent's fumble that Cincinnati recovers and recovers another opponent's fumble at a different point in the game is worth 1x points (not 1.5x cumulative).
  5. Keep commentary to the bare minimum please.
  6. Predictions on how they will score are not required, and if you provide one they don't net you any bonus if you are right nor do they detract if you are wrong (so long as they do actually score by game rules).
  7. Try to be original yet still pick somebody you think has a realistic chance to score or cause a turnover.
  8. Only ONE (1) player entry per contestant, per week is allowed.  Unless your first player was on the roster at the start of the week and is put on IR/cut/traded before the next week, your first comment is your player, so pick carefully.
  9. Deadline for player entries each week is THIRTY (30) minutes prior to kickoff.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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