This organization really knows how to embarress its fans

Man, going into week one I know I wasn't the only one thinking that we were going to go at least 12-4.


We have all the weapons we could possibly need- Ocho, TO. Shipley, Benson, Gresham is showing great potential, but Palmer is playing like "who the hell knows".

Defense should be beastly besides the fact that we are weak on hitting. Crocker, Hall, Joseph, Muauluga, Jones, Williams, Peko, everything.

When watching them play, it looks like a bunch of guys that have never talked to each other trying to play football.

We need chemistry, and we need Palmer to step up on his passing game. Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer really need to put fire in everyone's asses in the locker rooms or else nothing will be achieved. There is no way we can expect to win just one playoff game looking like this. We may make it there, but certainly wont put up a decent fight.

I've been wanting us to run a no huddle offense for far too long, and when we decide to do it this year- Palmer gathers everyone to the line and yells out a bunch of b^llsh*t for twenty seconds. We might as well just join in a huddle if Palmer is going to take up the whole shot clock on the l.o.s.

Losing to the Cleveland Browns is just pure embarrassment. The Bengals just simply don't know how to kick the crap out of anybody, it seems like its just not in our nature. We are playing like we don't know how to score a freakin touchdown even when it's first and goal. I'm sick of these field goals, the offense needs to step up their game or else this year will be a dissapointment.

I know we are only a game behind the Steelers and Ravens, but there is no way in hell we can even think about ourselves coming close to the super bowl looking like this.

We can't even play decent against the Panthers. The Carolina Panthers, arguably one of the worst teams in the nfl along with the BROWNS. The team we have just gave a win to.

It is just pure embarrassment watching your team have so much potential and then lose to a team like the Browns. 

Who the hell knows how we are going to play against Tampa this week, it's sad that we have to go into a game against the Buccs biting our tongue and hoping that we will maybe come out with a win. A team like the Panthers, Browns, and Buccs are all teams where we should be saying "alright at least we have 3 W's under our belts for sure.

This weekend just really embarrassed me.

Of course I'll always love the Bengals, I couldn't hate them if I tried, but damn, so aggravating.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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