Colts/Bengals Feature Three Receivers With Over 10,000 Yards Receiving In The Past 10 Years

Want to know how good of a season Terrell Owens is having this year? If you take this year's numbers and factor them into a 16-game schedule, Owens is on pace to record 110 receptions, 1,540 yards receiving and 14 touchdowns. In his 15-year career, Owens has never recorded a 1,500 receiving season nor has he caught more than 100 passes in a season. He's also on pace to record a career-high 72 first down receptions. If Owens' torid pace continues through the end of the season, he would increase his $2 million base salary with another $2 million with incentives. And who says he's an aging, less-than-productive receiver?

Chad Ochocinco on the other hand, is an aging, less-than-productive receiver, having another season in which we're clearly seeing production degradation. Even though he's on pace to record 80 receptions, which is more than last year's 72 catches, Chad's 946 yard receiving and four touchdown pace will be the worst in his NFL career during seasons in which he played all 16 games. Still, Chad's 64 touchdowns remains a franchise record and he's in a group of elite receivers that's recorded 10,000 yards receiving in a career.

Like Terrell Owens, Indianapolis' Reggie Wayne is on pace for career highs in receptions (120) and yards receiving (1,448). Watching two NFL veterans, seemingly ageless is impressive, while the Bengals' Ochocinco clearly shows an age in which he appears average at best. Sure, he's double teamed a lot. But he's always been double teamed and that hasn't affected him in the past. And the league's best receivers are always double teamed, but they're the league's best because they can beat the typical double team.

Sunday's game will feature three of the league's top five receiving yardage leaders in the past 10 years (from 2001-present).

Player Teams Yards
Terrell Owens 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, Bengals 10,963
Torry Holt Rams, Jaguars 10,959
Randy Moss Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Titans 10,615
Chad Ochocinco Bengals 10,425
Reggie Wayne Colts 10,117

If you could have one of the three receivers for their entire career, which receiver would you take?

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