Suggested Rules for Postings

Let me preface by saying I'm fairly new to this site, so this may sound hypocritical, but I am getting a little annoyed with many of these erroneous fanposts suddenly popping out of the woodwork.  For one thing, I notice the same topics often get decuple-tapped because everyone wants their own opinion promulgated as opposed to just commenting on other threads.  Another irritating trend is having to painfully read what looks like the writing of a second grader.  And lastly, many posts (particularly by newcomers) have virtually no substance and are just the ranting of some fulminating Bengals fan who typically starts off by claiming his "ultimate" fanhood, which is far superior to that of anyone else's on this site.

So, I'd like to propose some rules for fanpostings which I hope someone in the SB management will heed.


1. If you are a newcomer to SB, you may not post anything for a minimum of one week after joining.

2. If you are a newcomer to a certain blog on SB, the first posting you attempt to publish must be vetted (for both grammar, spelling, and idiot/troll proofing) by somebody on that blog's editorial staff.

3. There should be a minimum ratio of 15 comments on other member postings by a member for every one of his/her posting.  This will help mitigate the repetitious postings which dilute the discussions via threads.

4. The management of this blog should rate each of the fanpostings as they are published in terms of content so the serious bloggers can focus more on quality postings as opposed to being overwhelmed by countless rants by adolescent "fans".

5. The management should eliminate postings with grossly incoherent rants and/or very poor grammar/spelling.


***Due to the apparent unpopularity with these suggested rules based on the comments thus far, I thought I'd make one quick note here.  These suggested rules aren't intended to hinder people's ability to post their opinions.  In my mind, anyone with an education level higher than 5th grade should easily be able to post with all the rules in effect.  I'm just hoping to bring more quality to the fanposts because believe it or not, I actually enjoy the fanposts more than I do the main articles since they are often more discussion-related which allow for very interesting, as well as entertaining, threads.  And I hate seeing good articles that some of you take the time to publish with developing threads get shoved quickly out of the frontpage column by other useless fanposts.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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