My crack at the offseason (ATTN: Mike Brown)



*Drafting replacements, likely cutdown day cuts



Round 1: Nick Fairley. - Not many people worth it where Bengals will be picking. Bowers was a college bust until this year, and got most of his sacks in 4 games. I keep reading that he is the most NFL ready end but, I don't buy it. Fairley is a gamble as well, but he has been so absolutely disruptive on the inside that he's worth the gamble. With a DT that can collapse the pocket our ends will have a lot easier time getting those precious sacks.

Round 2: Derek Sherrod or the next best available OL - Here is where picking early really helps, the ability to get first round talent that slipped, hopefully Sherrod slips. You need to draft OL here and later in the draft, without question. You get an LT and you move him to LG, if he can handle LT you move Whit back to LG.

Round 3: Best available receiver or safety - We can't be sure that Simpson's game wasn't a fluke but there are too many other pressing needs to be drafting a receiver earlier than the third round. If I notice a receiver on my draft board that his slid to the third and I had him graded 3rd or better, I pick him up. Failing that you pick the safety with the best grade.

Round 4-7: We've been preparing for these picks all year, evaluating all the talent there is to be had in the later rounds to make sure you get value out of each pick (haha yeah right), these are the bread and butter. We buckle down and look to our draft board. We know we need more offensive lineman, we know we need some more youth on the defensive line, we know we need a safety, we know we need receivers, whatever we can get.


Front Office Moves

Marvin Lewis becomes the team's GM. Brat is out. Jim Sheppard is out. Marvin, Zimmer, and Mike Brown (me) sit down to figure out who to hire as head coach. We decide on Hue Jackson for head coach, because no one else will come work for me (I wonder why?) and he knows the Bengals and worked with Zimmer in Atlanta. Offensive Coordinator and Receivers coach depends on whos available. Marvin hires a new strength and conditioning coach, evaluates the medical staff, and oversees the building of an indoor practice facility. 

I know a lot of you want to see a new RB and QB, but the lines need to be built before we worry about skill positions. You resign Benson, he hasn't had a terrific year so he shouldn't be asking for big money. If he wants to walk, fine, more money to secure JJo. Go with Cedric Peerman/Bernard Scott/Brian Leonard as your running backs and make it work. QB is of no concern right now, you find a veteran on the cheap to replace Little Palmer as the #2, there are bigger fish to fry.


Mike Brown said it would be an interesting offseason, so I hope none of this is out of the question. I honestly think if the offseason resembles any of our mocks the organization would be better for it. What did I miss?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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