Mock Offseason (Rec this shizzzzz) v2

Started by CByers

First off I say rec this because I rather have one of these posts, and everyone comment their own thinking of what they would want to do. That way we don't flood the fanposts. So anything from Mock Drafts and Off season signings talk about what you want here.

It's up to you, do it the Mike Brown way, or do it your way but just share your opinion.


Well here's what I want.  And since I'm so nice I won't charge you for my opinions like the guys at ESPN Insider. :)

Walk List: 
Cedric Benson
Jon Fanene
Dhani Jones
Reggie Kellly
Evan Mathis
Jordan Palmer
Roy Williams
Denis Roland
Terell Owens

Gibril Wilson

(I'm not going to do deal with all the RFA's)
Tag-  J.Jo
Dan Skuta
Brian Leonard
Chinedum Ndukwe
Quan Cosby

Sign and Trade Chad (instead of just paying him 3.5 to leave).
For a 4th round pick. (If an aging Moss is worth a 3rd than Chad's worth a 4th)
Use our 6th yr option on him and trade for a pick to the Cardinals (naming a radom team with WR need).
I'm indifferent what to do with palmer, too many options. 
Free Agent Signings: (nothing big)
Jacoby Jones WR Texans
Michael Bush RB Oakland

Draft: I used to draft these players, there was a full simulation before my pick came for each round, here's who I took out of the available players. REDRAFTED V.1.1
1 Cam Newton QB Auburn
2 Allen Bailey DL Miami
3 Ben Ijalana OG Villanova 
4a Marcus Gilchrist FS Clemson
4b Ronald Johnson WR USC
5 Casey Mathews LB Oregon
7 Allen Bradford RB USC

Thats just me. Tell me what you guys would like to see happen?

Why it's possible to draft any QB in the first round. The new CBA is working on capping what rookies can make. Last year's 3rd overall pick Mccoy (though a DT) is making 63 mil for 5 yrs. There's about a 90% chance that the rookie salaries will be restricted by the next draft. So financially the bengals could afford to sit a QB for a year.


I think some slight alterations are in order, though.

For what it's worth, I'd say QB is highly dependent on the new CBA. The Rookie Wage Scale seems to be pretty much inevitable but that new CBA needs to be in place for it to actually be in effect. If that's the case, then I'd say there's next to nothing wrong with drafting a QB to sit behind Palmer in this class because the next one, outside of Blaine Gabbert (and apparently Andrew Luck), seems rather underwhelming and I'm really hoping that we're not in range for either next year. Gabbert seems very much a possibility but we'd either need to trade up (HAHA FAT CHANCE) or play to get him and hope that things fall our way in the 2012 draft.

However, this year's draft class outside of Luck wasn't all that spectacular anyway. Locker and Newton are entirely hit-or-miss and Ryan Mallett just seems to scream "miss" altogether. Luck was the only one that made this class anything spectacular and for all intensive purposes, it looks like he's returning to Stanford.

So what else is there? DT/DE seem to be somewhat of a need but whose playing time would you cut into to use them? Michael Johnson? Any of our DTs? I'm alright with depth (Marvin Austin in the third is sounding incredibly awesome) but Mike Brown has a history of starting his first round players that aren't QBs in their rookie years. He's paying them big bucks to produce, not ride the pine, so he tends to draft guys who can come in and start.

Our number one draft pick? An OLB. Think about it: If things go right this offseason, Rey will be our starting MLB. That leaves a spot open at SLB for someone to take over. Muckelroy is pretty good but I like him more as a situational player and Zim's really good about rotating his players. If things go right this offseason (meaning Benson and Joseph don't leave), then we shouldn't have any significant holes in the starting line-up other than that. Considering that's where Mikey spends his draft picks and a win this Sunday can push us back to the 9-12 range, an OLB wouldn't be unheard of there.

A.J. Green/Julio Jones or a DLinemen are very good possibilities but Mikey needs to see a hole there to upgrade in order to do it. I don't know if he'll see that hole. 

Discuss away. If you guys find links to lists of potential FAs in 2011, I'll put them here. I have none on-hand (except a Pride of Detroit fanpost but it's lengthy and not really well-organized).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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