Reasons not to play Chad on Sunday

So, I figured I'd put my hate hat on again and provide reasons for my final wish of this season; which is for Marvin to deactivate Chad for the final game this Sunday, whether or not he is healthy enough to play.


1) Send a message to the team:  Let them know you're still in charge, Marvin, and you don't accept crap or distractions from anybody.  Follow suit with New England and their release of Moss.  If you come back, this helps restore your leadership presence.  If you don't, it would be worth it right, as your final bang in Bungal land?

2) Send a message to Free Agents:  I think free agents would actually be intrigued by the Bengals if they saw this franchise do something of this nature by ridding themselves of a distraction (two if you count TO).  It almost seems like one of those tacit situations where everyone knows he's a distraction, but few speak about it.  One of the few teamates to open their mouths (Eric Guicheck - which isn't the best example) a few years ago offered a glimpse of Chad's lockerroom presence in a very negative light which was seemingly brushed aside quickly, but made us realize it's not necessarily just the media he carries on for.  I think the two primary reasons we don't hear players complain about Chad is because of the high-class leaders we've had over the years (Willie, Kitna, Carson, Whitworth, Bobbie Williams, Thornton, Reggie Kelly, Dhani Jones, etc.) who don't air out dirty laundry to the public and possibly because Mike Brown protects his biggest PR entity.

3) The end of staring down recievers:  A point was brought up yesterday by S**Salad/TWD who claim the "staring down" Palmer does is because Chad (and TO to an extent) improvises his routes a lot, which require Palmer to watch him and adjust his throws accordingly.  Because of this, the supposition is that Palmer cannot scan the field for his various options and effectively throw to Chad.  Recently, with the emergence of Simpson and Caldwell along with Shipley, who all run more disciplined routes, Palmer has had more success - possibly because he has more confidence in knowing exactly where they'll be so he can look at multiple options.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch the past couple games, so I'm not sure if I buy this theory yet, but I'd like to see them continue with this and see for myself.

4) Carson's mental state:  As mentioned earlier in numerous posts, it was blatantly clear that Palmer was in a much better mood last sunday - and the obvious suggestion being because Chad (and TO) was not playing.  This in itself should provide credence in getting rid of Chad, though I feel it goes beyond Palmer not being distracted.  As I alluded to in my last fanpost ( Jon Niednagel, the "brain doctor" classified Palmer as "ISFJ".  The snub being ISFJ's are normally timid and cautious, preferring the background to center stage. They're more likely to dwell on mistakes and when anxious, they'll develop tunnel vision and their big muscle groups stiffen, leading to stiffly thrown passes that are short of the target.  I couldn't help but feel that the noticeable change in demeanor and success Palmer is currently having supports this theory.  I really believe Chad and TO are the wrong type of personalities to have around Palmer.  They add stress to him and cause him to develop even more tunnel vision and stiffness in throwing.  With them out of the picture, Palmer is ostensibly doing much better.  Coincidence?  I doubt it.  My feeling; don't let Chad suit up, in fact don't even let him show up to the stadium and be even so much as a blip on Palmer's radar screen.

5) Do it for the fans (who feel like me):  Fans who have been loyally watching the Bengals suck over the years and forced to hear from idiot outsiders who assume "Chad is the only good player we have" and his antics are representative of our franchise and city.  It makes me sick and I am tired of him being the "face" of our team.

6) Simpson and Caldwell:  Of course, give Simpson and Caldwell some playing time to see what they can do and provide development in another meaningless game (Baltimore's already clinched the playoffs, so we can't even play spoiler.  And of course, if we had our pick, I think most of us would prefer to see Baltimore win the division and Pittsburgh forced into the wildcard spot.  Not that I would want to lose of course to a division rival).

*7) Palmer's best QB rating of 157 coincided with the only game he didn't play with Chad:  This didn't even occur to me until discussing this in the comment section, but I looked it up and this past game against the Chargers was in fact Palmer's highest QB rating EVER.  And it is the only game he has played WITHOUT Chad.  Not to mention, it was AGAINST the top-rated defense in the NFL.  I almost think this is more than enough reason just in itself.  Case closed? 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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