John Thornton, Willie Anderson Talk State of Bengals Franchise, Carson's Return

Lance McAlister had some really interesting tidbits from John Thornton last night at Bengals Roundtable, laying out the scenarios for Carson's return or lack thereof:

John had a really interesting scenario for Carson Palmer last night on Bengals Roundtable.
He laid out the following for the off-season:
Mike Brown meets with Carson and his agent.
The Bengals ask Carson if he wants to return in 2011. That if he feels he's mentally/physically beaten down by all of this, they'd understand. If he wants out the Bengals would explore trade options with, say, the NFC West...Arizona, SF, Seattle. John said you've gotta believe the Cardinals would take Carson and his contract and give up their 1st round picke, over Derek Anderson. How about Carson reuniting with Pete Carroll in Seattle? John said if Carson wants to leave then you start over with the franchise. The Bengals would have their own Top 5 pick and another first round pick in the trade. The Bengals would make a clean Carson, Chad, TO....and move on.
If Carson indicates he wants to return...the Bengals tell him the following:
The team is his. No Chad. No T.O. Carson must be the man. The leader. The face of the franchise.
He must be willing to give the Bengals more...on and off the field. He must be more vocal. He will be involved in the community. He will be on billboards. He will be Manning to Indy.
Wonder which scenario Carson would choose?


Also, some really interesting tweets from Big Willie that Lance had on his blog as well:

"I'm watching this ESPN show called Audibles. Steve Young says Bengals haven't had a strong locker room since Munoz.

Man that pisses me off! Not at Steve but at people who wouldn't let the leaders on a lot of Bengals teams lead!

If you're in power Coaches, owners GMs etc you have to have a structure where your players that care can lead team!

A lot of time leaders on those teams were told to stand down and down get on certain players becuz it would mess up Chemistry!

And in reality they only allowed those teams to be DESTROYED!

That's why you have what you have! Year in and Year out! Nooone will publicly say anything. Give fans same ole lies!

I'm mad becuz that hurt a lot of our careers. THe perception that all players there linked and grouped together!

I feel sorry for Fans becuz yall believe anything you are told! Nexy year yall will really think its gon be better!

I don't blame any players. Players do what you are allowed to do.

I just really wish I came up in a Winning Culture. Wish the young guys there now didn't have to experience this stuff!

Because it only gets worse! When will we wake up people! Some of yall really think getting a new coach, draft pick will help! Smdh

Yes Willie went off! I look at the legacy we left and its crazy! Thank God I got to experience 2008!

When Troy and Katie Blackburn take over That team will change for better! Mr Brown loves that team and we owe him a lot!

But We know what's up. I ve seen Mr Brown take guys off the street and give second an 3rd chances. Odell Chris Henry

Just some food for thought. What do you guys think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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