Security Removes Fan For 'Mike Brown Sucks' Shirt

According to a fan that attended Sunday's game against the Saints, Tenable Security officers removed him from the premises for wearing a t-shirt that read "Mike Brown Sucks" and a bag over his head with the words "Flush Mike Brown Down" written on it.

Dave, the fan who wishes his last name be withheld, said that he and his group of friends decided to have a bag decorating contest for their tailgate.

"I came, basically, with a white bag, cut holes out of it and actually put a roll of toilet paper on top of the bag," Dave said. "But actually, I didn't wear that into the stadium. There was toilet paper on the bag and it said 'flush Mike Brown down'. I did also have a Mike Brown Sucks t-shirt on but it was mainly covered by a coat."

Dave, who had club seats, claimed that he showed his shirt to a security officer who told him that they have been known to tell people to turn shirts like that inside out. He said that he told the security officer that his coat would cover the shirt and the security officer agreed that it shouldn't be a problem.

"About second quarter, the Saints scored and I put the bag on my head," he said. "Nobody says boo. Nobody says a word. I'm not standing up. I put it on and I turn around occasionally with it and I take it off at times and then I would put it back on after a bad play. I ended up wearing it through most of the second half, especially after the offsides."

After the game ended, he took his coat off and put the bag on his head and stood in the middle of the isle holding his arms up to pose for pictures.

"I went down to the middle of the isle," he said. "I kind of head my arms up. I'm wearing the Mike Brown Sucks shirt and I got the bag over my head. Again, people were taking my picture, it's actually on Mo's [Egger] blog. Nobody said anything to me until we're walking up the stairs. It was probably a few minutes after the game and this usher grabs me. I have the bag on and he starts ripping at the bag. He actually ripped the bottom part of it off; the top part is still there. He grabs me by the shirt and says, 'don't ever come back here with that shirt on. You're kicked out.'"

The security officer demanded that Dave show him his tickets but his friend said that the tickets were bought from a scalper and they lost the stubs. He and his friend were then escorted from the stadium.

"It was amazing," he said. "He was actually really cool with me at first. He had to see me wearing the bag the whole time. It was the same exact guy that saw my shirt before the game and then for him to come back at me and actually grab me about it and rip at my bag, it was completely uncalled for."

This isn't the first time in recent history that fans have seemingly been ejected for having shirts with anti Mike Brown messages on them. In the game against Buffalo, two Bengals season ticket holders were ejected for waiving shirts that said "Fire Bratkowski".

"I was not being really obnoxious," Dave said. "Towards the very end, when I held my arms up, I wasn't saying anything profane. It said Mike Brown Sucks, maybe it's not in the best taste but I still think it falls well within my first amendment rights and in years past I've worn that shirt and nobody has said anything to me."

Tenable Protective Services could not be reached for comment.

Below pictures provided from Dave of the outfit he wore to the game and the bag after the incident.

Dave wearing his shirt and bag before the game.

The bag after the game.

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