Geathers/Odom Trade Scenarios



Geathers Vs. Odom: Who's Out?

After C1ncy4Life informed us that Geathers and Odom could be traded during this offseason I decided to try to post the most ideal realistic trade scenarios. I personally as you can see would much rather trade Geathers than Odom. Odom would probably yield more value. I also had a hard time with these scenarios due to the fact of not knowing if Geathers or Odom could be effective in 3-4 defensive systems. Well anyways here are some trade scenarios that could be made feel free to post your own scenarios as well always  please let me know what you guys think:

Robert Geathers Trade Scenarios:



Bengals trade DE Robert Geathers and a 5th Rd 2011 pick in exchange for Broncos QB Kyle Orton

This trade makes a lot of sense for both teams and would beneficial to both. On the Bengals end Geathers has been strapped with a huge contract and has not lived up to it, while he has never matched his double digit sack numbers in which he recorded in the 2006 season. The Broncos can use Geathers as a rusher or possibly a 3-4 OLB. Kyle Orton brings the Bengals a respectable stable backup who can be a great game manager and still lead to Bengals to the playoffs. This completes a need for both teams especially with McDaniels deciding to bring in 2 new options at QB.



Bengals trade DE Robert Geathers and  4th Rd 2011 & 5th Rd 2012 to OAK in exchange for Raiders RB Darren McFadden & 7th Rd 2011


This could be a blessing in disguise for those who wanted McFadden to drop to the Bengals in the 2008 Draft. McFadden has been on the trading block repeatedly and has not lived up to his expectations in Oakland. He also has a horrible offensive line, but with the emergence of Michael Bush and Rock Cartwright and Michael Bennett being brought in McFadden could be had for a small price..After all it is The Raiders..ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE... McFadden would provide insurance for possible life after Benson and be able to spell Benson with his mixt of power and speed and also would be a great value pickup. I wouldn’t mind keeping 4 RBs on the roster being that Bernard Scott  has the ability to return kickoffs.  The Raiders also need insurance for Richard Seymour who will most likely walk after this season. Benson & Fadden in the same backfield that would be dangerous…



Bengals trade DE Robert Geathers in exchange for Falcons QB Chris Redman & FB Ovie Mughelli

This would be a trade that takes care of 2 needs for the Bengals and 1 need for the Falcons. The Falcons get Geathers as their force opposite John Abraham and the Bengals get their Backup QB and FB all in one transaction. They get one of the league’s top fullbacks and a respectable backup in Redman who when called upon last year was able to step in with Matt Ryan out.


Bengals DE Robert Geathers in exchange for 49ers QB Nate Davis & G David Baas

Not a sexy trade for the Bengals but it gives them more depth at Guard and a stopgap for Bobbie Williams. The Bengals also get young QB in Nate Davis who may be a little too raw to step in as a backup QB right away.


Antwan Odom Trade Scenarios:


Bengals DE Antwan Odom & a 5th Rd 2011 pick in exchange for Eagles QB Michael Vick, FB Leonard Weaver & a 3rd Rd 2011 & 5th Rd 2012 pick

This trade could happen, but it would depend on the value that the Eagles hold in Weaver.  Weaver can also step in and run the ball effectively. Also Odom’s injuries also could make this a risky move for the Eagles. It’s also risky for the Bengals due to the fact that Mike Vick wants to start again and would surely walk after one season. Which would truly equal that the Bengals would be trading a high valued DE for a low valued FB which would be the reason the Eagles would have to throw in a high end pick. This move brings the Bengal a stud FB and an explosive backup QB who can also be brought in for the wildcat. This gives the Eagles a top flight DE to match Trent Cole.



Bengals DE Antwan Odom in exchange for Jaguars FB Greg Jones & QB Luke McCown

Bengals get there FB and a solid backup QB and the Jags get someone better than Tyson AluAlu plain and simple.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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