What Really Grinds My Gears

Do you know what grinds my gears Cincy Jungle?  Fox Sports.

We all try to stay away from the drivel that gets written about our beloved Bengals, but every now and then I go looking and find another big steaming pile of journalistic crap.  The latest report came from the drama engineers over at Fox Sports who wrote a piece about the pending standoff between Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis over personnel decisions. 

You see, the best lies are the lies that are sadwiched in-between truths.  We all know that Marvin is looking to get a stronger hold on the personnel decisions in the Bengals organizations.  And we all know that Mike Brown is a stingy rummage sale specialist that looks through the dredges of NFL castaways to find the Tank Johnsons and Cedric Bensons of the world.  Ok, no argument there.

However, would you guess that this is all playing out like some teen melodrama that Fox Sports would have us believe? There is some truth to it, but I don't think that it's quite the saga that Ed Thomson wants us to believe.  It's been clear to most of us that the last few years, Marvin has garnered more and more control of the team, drafting players like Jermaine Gresham instead of flashier players like Dez Bryant. He's brought in some gritty, talented and high character ball players like Roy Williams (give some Credit to Zim as well) and most recently Gibril Wilson.  But Fox Sports (and most other major sports networks) of course only likes to tell us half the story because it's more dramatic and gets more "clicks."

And maybe I could stomach all of that, but this is how the article ends: "(Marin Lewis) should let his contract expire at the end of the season and move on to a team that will support his efforts rather than make his job tougher."  Great conclusion Fox Sports: The answer to ML's problems is to quit his job in which he has produced two division winners in the past 5 years so that he can finally get some peace of mind. 

And maybe, just maybe I could handle of all that if they didn't go that extra mile and actually ask this as a pole question: "Which Bengals player will be the first to be arrested: a) Tank Johnson b) Pacman Jones c) Matt Jones d) Carlos Dunlap.  Here in front of you is a list of players who are trying to turn around their lives and their careers, and Fox just can't wait for somebody to misstep so that they can cover it with an "I told you so" article.  What a steeming pile of crap.

And that folks, is what grinds my gears.

And because this is the offseason, I really have nothing better to do than refer you to Family Guy clips.   For you viewing pleasure, here is an clip from Family Guy.  It's poor quality, and there appears to be Norwegian subtitles for some reason, but it's here for your viewing pleasure regardless.  Peter Griffin on "What grinds my gears."

peter griffin- what really grinds my gears (via grodfan1)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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