2010 Cincinnati Bengals, from a different point of view.

I have lived in Southwest Ohio my entire life, and am surrounded by friends and family that are Bengals fans, i tend to watch most Bengals games as they are generally the game shown in my area. And i root for the Bengals so long as their not playing the Dolphins or I need them to lose to benefit the Dolphins. So, i decided to give a non-homer look to what the 2010 Bengals team results may look like, so let's begin.

Week 1: @ New England- (L) As a Dolphins' fan it burns at me to say this, but i give the edge to the Pats, It's one of those toss up games, where i believe i, and most people, wouldn't be surprised  if Cincy wins, especially with the Wes Welker situation, but Gillete Stadium is very tough to play at, and Tom Brady should be fully healed from his 2008 knee injury.

Week 2: Baltimore- (W) Another toss up game, two elite defenses, two very good quarterbacks, running games, etc. With that said this game will come down to small details in the game, who commits the least turnovers, game planning, and in this case home field. I'll take the Bengals in a low scoring game.

Week 3: @ Carolina- (W) The panthers will pose as a tougher opponent then some may think, they possess one of the top tandem running backs in the league. Besides that though, they'll have an inexperienced quarterback in Matt Moore, or a rookie in Tony Pike or Jimmy Clausen, I give Cincy the edge, as they own a better defense, offense, and a running game that will compete with the Panthers'.

Week 4: @ Cleveland- (W) The Battle of the Buckeye State seems to always be a tough competitive game, but I don't believe it will this time around. The Bengals' barring a terrible performance or game plan should win rather easily. Bengals roll.

Week 5: Tampa Bay- (W) This will make back to back wins over the NFC South. As Antonio Bryant plays his former team. This game is another example of the Bengals' simply being the better team, if Cincinnati avoids a letdown game, they win.

Week 6: Bye

Week 7: @ Atlanta- (W) This game is more difficult for me to predict, to good teams in their own right, Atlanta being an explosive offensive team, the Bengals being more of a defensive force.In all the games i've seen matching a dominant offense against a dominant defense, the defense prevails. I think Cincinnati will win a close one.

Week 8: Miami- (L) As a Dolphins' fan who will be attending this game, I'm clueless on what the outcome may be. Miami's revamped defense with the addition of defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and inside linebacker Karlos Dansby, make for a game with what should be two good defenses. But i give The Dolphins' the edge on offense, with what is one of the top running back tandems, a top tier offensive line, and the addition of Brandon Marshall. And on special teams, with Miami having a pro bowl kicker in Dan Carpenter. Cincinnati loses what will be a game that goes back and forth.

Week 9: Pittsburgh- (W) Monday Night Football in Cincinnati against a division rival, and yet another defensive game. The Cincinnati fans will be there and be loud, and with  the Bengals' having what is overall a better offense, and the distractions that will surroung Big Ben on national television, i think the Bengals win by two possessions.

Week 10: @ Indianapolis- (L)This is undoubtedly the Bengals toughest game in 2010, going up against Peyton Manning in Lucas Oil Stadium where a Colts lose is extremely rare, on a short week to prepare also. I think Carson Palmer will play a good game, but will get out gunned by Manning, I think the Colts will win this one, so long as Peyton doesn't fold under the Cincy defense, but i don't see that happening.

Week 11: Buffalo- (W) Opposed to the previous week, this should be the Bengals easiest game of 2010. C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson are the Bills only hope offensively, but i expect the Bengals defense to shut them down, while Bengals offense has equal success, Bengals should win this one convincingly.

Week 12: @ New York Jets- (W) Another short week for the Bengals to prepare for a quality opponent, as you all know the Jets' have gotten a lot of attention this off-season, only to put a target on their back, adding to that target is the revenge the Bengals seek after the conclusion of last year, I think Cincinnati wins this game as long as they play the football in which their capable of playing. I see the Bengals winning another low scoring game.

Week 13: New Orleans- (L) The defending champions will visit Cincinnati, and when i look at this game it is winnable for the Bengals, but i don't see them pulling this one out. Drew Brees and company can score on even the best defenses, and have a good defense themselves. When i look at this game i think a toss up, but if i had to pick who i think would win then I'm going with the Saints.

Week 14: @ Pittsburgh- (W) This will be game one of the three divisional games the Bengals will play in their final four games. That being the case it is a very crucial game, and with the fact that it is in Pittsburgh will make it a difficult game, but i think the Bengals make it back to back sweeps over the Steelers, but it wont be easy.

Week 15: Cleveland- (W) A rematch with the Browns, this time in Cincinnati. I don't see a different outcome though, the Bengals should come out with an easy win, but with this rivalry nothing is for certain, but the gap in talent levels between these teams is to wide for Cleveland, Antonio Bryant and Chad Ochocinco tear threw Joe Haden and the rest of the Cleveland secondary.

Week 16: San Diego- (W) This game will be the home finale for the Bengals, and i see it possibly being a shoot out, i give the edge though to Cincinnati's defense over the Chargers, i see this being the type of game where on play makes the difference, like a Jonathon Joseph pick 6.

Week 17: @ Baltimore- (L) Season finale, and a potential division winning game. As i stated above, these teams are close to being carbon copies of one another, and the slightest details could give either team an edge, I think Baltimore will be too much this time around. With home field being a factor.

-- In my opinion looking at the Bengals brutal schedule, I see a quite impressive 11-5 record, which most certainly would be good enough for a second strait playoff berth. Seeming how i live close to the Cincinnati area, i wanted to give you guys an opinion outside of the Who Dey Nation. Good luck in 2010 and beyond, I'm anxiously awaiting to see the Dolphins play the Bengals this year. GO DOLPHINS--

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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