The Daily Banter: Homerun Derby Just Doesn't Do It For Me Anymore

Quite honestly, MLB's appeal for the Homerun Derby is finally lost on me. I used to love it, when it was less active with commentary without the goofy antics of players worshiping the lords of boomtown with towels and water bottles. But that's not even it. When I tune in for a homerun derby contest, I expect the league's best power hitters. I expect to see Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez.

That's not to say that guys like Hanley Ramirez, Matt Holliday, Nick Swisher, Vernon Wells, Chris Young or Corey Hart aren't power hitters and aren't deserving. You could make a case that they are as good a candidates as any if the game's best power hitters elect to sit out. But neither have any hit 40 homeruns in a season, whereas guys like Howard have hit 58 homeruns and nailed 40 homers or more in four straight seasons. Alex Rodriguez has hit 50 homeruns or more in three seasons and hit 40 homers or more in six straight seasons.

The players that do compete are good players. But they're not the best power hitters in the game and thus, I feel indifferent to it all.

On the bright side, the All Star game is tonight and the Reds will have four players playing reserve.

+ Fox Sports' Adam Schein takes a look at Rey Maualuga's turn-around in the offseason that began with a DUI and ended with sobriety.

+ Chad Ochocinco Johnson was having some fun with Twitter Sunday night, saying he got into a fight with a bouncer.

Undeterred, Ochocinco tweeted shortly after that he and the “awesome” NYPD were heading to Starbucks. And just for fun, he gave a shout out to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, saying “Dad everything is ok here in NY, I have the situation under control, I turned the other cheek but he kept provoking me, thanks.” The coffee must not have been strong enough, because Ochocinco later said he got into the club and was “having a ball!”

The New York Daily News writes that "NYPD officials did not have any details concerning the incident or the arrest."

+ Speaking of Chad, he knows why Darrelle Revis won't hold out for a new extension.

"Why would you hold out on an opportunity to play against me? That would be dumb."

"I'd take a pay cut to play against me."

+ Yahoo Sports' Jason Cole surprisingly ranks the Bengals with the 18th best linebacker corp.

In two seasons, 2008 first-round pick Keith Rivers has missed 12 of 32 games. That’s not a way to become great. Likewise, 2009 second-round pick Rey Maualuga finished the season hurt and then ended up in alcohol rehab. That’s not only sad, but it’s killing the Bengals’ chances of having a terrific linebacking corps. The only dependable linebacker the team has is Dhani Jones, who’s a limited talent but a very smart guy. At least the depth is really good, with guys such as Rashad Jeanty and Abdul Hodge.

Somewhere out there Brandon Johnson just had a WTF moment.

+ John Madden, Joe Gibbs and Kellen Winslow are just a few of many who attended Don Coryell's memorial service on Monday.

+ Everyone's favorite annoying big man Chris Berman will be honored at this year's Hall of Fame with the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award.

+ While the Steelers gave head coach Mike Tomlin a three-year contract extension (that will run through 2014), Pittsburgh is electing not to give linebacker LaMarr Woodley, who is 25 years old and having recorded 25 sacks in the past two seasons, a contract extension writes ESPN's James Walker. Let him go to free agency, I say. I'm not too proud to say, we'll take him!

+ SB Nation's own Turf Show Times (Rams Blog) interviews rookie quarterback Sam Bradford.

+ Former Trojan head coach Pete Carroll feels responsible for the sanctions on USC. “I do feel responsible being connected with it. I've also felt a responsibility, with the way it's come down, to work to try to get the message out there and defend somewhat.” Not that it matters now. Carroll abandoned Southern California for a new gig just before news of violations were known.

+ Clue #1 that Brett Favre's ankle is alright: After having someone pull his truck around to a non-media friendly area at Oak Grove High School, where he's throwing the football to high schoolers, "with a grin on his face, the 40-year-old quarterback ran out of the building, hopped in and drove off with nothing more than a playful wave to the waiting reporters."

+ Bill rookie running back C.J. Spiller alluded to a possible contract holdout, saying "We're going to make sure we cross our T's and dot our I's, however long the process takes." However, it would seem that the Bills are in a position to be alright with that, having running backs Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch on the roster.

+ Add Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to the list of players that's complaining about their deal and wants a new contract.

+ The Indy Star's Mike Chappell takes a look at super agent Tom Condon.

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