The Daily Banter: Busy Days Ahead and Re-Opening the Larry Johnson Is A Jerk File

Let's recap yesterday.

Marvin Lewis spoke about his own contractual negotiations while staunchly defending Cedric Benson, who will be meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday. Reggie Stephens becomes the team's fourth signed draft pick with just a week to go before Training Camp kicks off. Oh, and I finally got my rear struts replaced on my car. Busy day, eh? Let's get to it.

+ You might as well face the fact that the Bengals aren't the only team struggling to sell tickets. The New York Jets faced a blackout during the season opener because 2,250 Personal Seat Licenses remain unsold for the new stadium. The Seattle Seahawks no longer have a season ticket waiting list, with 1,800 season tickets still available. And not that the Jacksonville Jaguars are known for selling tickets, the team's ticket manager resigned -- though that's probably regarding a recent arrest for "public intoxication/disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence" and not because the Jaguars struggle to sell tickets.

+ Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley played a tribute song to best bud Colt McCoy during his wedding last weekend. And you know what, it's actually pretty good.

+ The odds are pretty decent that Bengals rookies Carlos Dunlap and Jermaine Gresham could be in contention for defensive and offensive rookie of the year awards.

+ The Tennessee Titans scheduled zero two-a-day practices this year.

+'s Michael Lombardi writes that the Bengals have five blue-chip players.

+ Remember when there was some interest in offensive guard Chester Pitts early in free agency when it wasn't known what Bobbie Williams would do? Well Pitts is still a free agent.

+ NFP's Andrew Brandt writes why Free Agency doesn't work in the NFL | Part II

+ An interesting look from Pat Kirwin at how a game plan comes together.

+ Fox Sports' Brian Lowry writes why Los Angeles doesn't need an NFL team.

+ Sports Illustrated's Don Banks has high expectations for the Baltimore Ravens.

+ Much like Tank Johnson last week, a judge "scolded" Larry Johnson for, well:

Johnson, 30, was supposed to work with children at the Kansas City Police Athletic League for his 40 hours of court-ordered service. But Johnson refused to play sports with the children and instead told police officials he wanted to start an art program. The program didn’t draw enough students and quickly fizzled out. He got credit for nine hours of service.

Municipal Court Judge Joseph Locascio said his intention was for Johnson to play sports with the kids.

“Children who go to PAL don’t go there for art class,” Locascio said at the probation revocation hearing Friday. “The idea that you would draw pictures with kids who want to participate in athletics is absurd.

“If I knew you didn’t want to do sports with kids, I would have assigned you to pick up trash on the highway. That’s what we typically have defendants do.”

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