Sign the dang contract already Marvin !!!

A lot of people are putting Marvin on the hot seat and I can't quite figure out why...Let's remember some great times with the legendary football genius Paul Brown and some not some great times with well his dumb son to say it a nicely as I can.. Okay so we have a team that has made the playoff's in 1970, 1973, 1975, 1981, 1982, 1988, and 1990 as well as making it the the Super Bowl twice.. We have a storied organization with player's like Ken Anderson, Anthony Munoz, Boomer Esiason, Ickey Woods, the list goes on and on...We have a team that innovates the game to the point that some call it cheating because we're not huddling before the plays and they can't stop it...We have the most famous end zone dance to have ever been done in the Ickey Shuffle (is Chad really Ickey reincarnated).. We have a team that others think dey gunna beat but can't so we chant Who Dey Say Dey Gunna Beat Dem Bengals? We have to put it bluntly a damn good franchise..


Then of course disaster hits... The legendary Paul Brown dies and hands the franchise over to Cincinnati's version of Homer Simpson... He becomes King of our Jungle or should I say a plague to our Queen City...


We have 12 consecutive season's which we cannot put together a winning team. Because Mikey Boy thinks he's been raised around Daddy enough to do what Daddy did and really who can blame him I mean everyone want's to be like Dad right? Now I suppose I don't have list our record every single season up to the Marvin era to basically make my point...Okay maybe I do for dramatic reasons... Mikey fires Sam Wcyhe and hires and fires a group of guys that collectively come up with a record of 55 wins and a whopping 137 losses...

  • 1991 3-13
  • 1992 5-11
  • 1993 3-13
  • 1994 3-13
  • 1995 7-9
  • 1996 8-8
  • 1997 7-9
  • 1998 3-13
  • 1999 4-12
  • 2000 4-12
  • 2001 6-10
  • 2002 2-14

Now it's truly hard for me to believe that you blame this all on Shula, Coslet and Lebeau.. I would argue and I think a lot would agree this is Mike Brown's fault for playing Daddy behind the scenes and treating this organization as we would a fantasy football team. This tells me that Shula, Coslet and Lebeau didn't have the cojones to approach Mikey and demand he stop picking his player's while sitting on the couch watching bowl weekends with a pen and paper in his hand. All the while he's yelling for his little Lisa Katie to get him another Duff Beer  Hudepohl and get him some more dip for his Doritos Husmans..There he is spitting words like "David Klinger!" and "Akili Smith!" and "Big Daddy!" all over the coffee table..And this goes on for over a decade until 2003 after a horrible 2-14 record he realizes he has to actually do something or his new mansion named after Daddy might be burnt to the ground if he don't...So he hires Marvin Lewis and a new era of Bengals football begins...


Now Marvin comes in and brings people hope... He put's together a couple of 8-8 season's that to us as fan's at first is a sign that he knows what he's doing.. Then in 2005 he put's together arguably the best team in the NFL. If Carson not had went down in that playoff game we could have very easily marched on to win the Super Bowl. Now with that said we're coming off a playoff season here in 2010 which by all standards in Cincinnati is a good season.. I hear many talking if we don't go to the playoffs and win this year we need to cut Marvins head off. A lot to do with a couple unfortunate seasons. Well I tend to disagree. I think Marvin has had the balls to consistently challenge Mike Brown when he feel's he needs to for the better of the team.Something no one else has ever done. If we get rid of Marvin than who's to say his predecessor isn't going to be like Shula, Coslet, and Lebeau? To the contrary of getting rid of Marvin I think we need to pay the man more than any other Head Coach in the league and I'll quote my self from a comment I made the other day to make that point. 

It appears he's overwhelmed with responsibilities                                                                                            Obviously he’s the Head Coach of this football team but you can tell he feel’s like he doesn’t get the opportunity to be just that as much as he’d like… He’s constantly player evaluating, looking at prospects, and scouting and such.. Which is not really his job anywhere else in the league.. We are constantly trying to compare NFL job’s and situation’s with every day life and business situation’s… So in the real word I say if you add to my responsibilities as an employee than I have the right to be compensated for the extra work I’m putting in A.K.A a promotion to you and I.. So I think Marvin’s basically saying you have to pay me as if I’m the "GM/Head Coach", hire a GM, or I’ll go somewhere I can simply be a "Head Coach" and my life will be much easier because I can do more of what I’m most passionate about doing and that’s being a "Head Coach"

So as it may appear that Marvin has been a mediocre Head Coach I personally believe working for Mike Brown may actually be the most difficult Head Coaching position in the National Football League due to lack of staff. So it's in my opinion that Marvin has done a damn good job with the cards that he's been dealt and has managed to get through to Mikey more than anyone else seemed to be able to do. I think it took Mikey over a decade to tear down this organization and that it's taken Marvin nearly a decade to put it back together. I really believe we're on the verge of sustaining success for years to come and that getting rid of Marvin will only tear down the foundation of our fragile franchise.. Will we make it to the playoff's every year? No... We will have a chance at making the playoff's every year with Marvin? I think so..And I think consistency will eventually result in Championships. If we don't win a playoff game next year I'm not for firing Marvin..  I'm for getting him to sign that damn paper immediately.. Do we really want Homer Simpson back in charge?

Mikebrown_medium Homer-simpson-doh_medium





This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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