Spotlight on Unheralded Bengals Players

Wait, what's that?  Ochocinco has made another outrageous comment that has ESPN heads spinning?  Oh, and did you hear that the Bengals drafted a TE in the first round and it's the first time that QB Carson Palmer has had a legit receiving threat at TE?  Holy Canoly!  And maybe if you've been paying attention, the news has reached you that Pacman has signed with the Bengals, which legitimizes their reputation for signing troubled players?  I just spit out the water I was drinking over that shocking tidbit!  And what's that James Walker?  Our season depends on whether or not Carson comes back strong?  Hold the presses, we've got another obvious observation that is justifying your salary...

Are you tired of this yet?  I am.  And because I'm legitimately bored by all the headlines that dominate the offseason, I thought that I would spotlight a few players that we haven't heard much about that I'm actually excited to watch play.

Roy Williams

He came in with a lot of fanfare, but after a great start he had a disappointing injury.  Now nobody's talking about him, but he's still the same 5x pro bowler that he was.  And maybe he isn't the best in coverage, but the guy is a game changer with the way he hits. If he stays healthy, he'll change the face of our secondary.

Roy Williams hit on Donald Lee [HQ] (via sharkr0bby)

Geno Atkins aka Taz

First, I love that he has earned the nickname Taz.  That's just cool.  And if he lives up to that sort of hype, he just might be able to make an impact this year.  He may not crack the starting lineup, but if he even makes it into the rotation as a pass rush specialist and knocks Big Ben on his a$$, there could quickly be some Taz-mania going on in the Jungle.  Plus, he's the only one who has his own theme song.

Tazmania Theme (via samysshow)

Quan Cosby aka Quasby

Ok, so we've talked allot about Quan, but usually only in reference to Jordan Shipley and the the WR battle.  I think he'll make the team because, c'mon, who doesn't like the Cosby Show (as shown in this punt return)?  I also loved that he was able to step up big in clutch situations.  He played great against the Chargers and in the playoffs against the Jets

Last but certainly not least is Jonathan Fanene

The guy is quite simply a stud.  Starting only 10 games, he racked up six sacks, 36 tackles and an interception for a TD.  He's one of the reasons that our defense was able to hold up after Odom went down.

Who Dey?  Dey are the other Bengals.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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