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T.O. a Bengal. My $.02

Let me start by saying I am a die hard Bengal fan. I'm a glass half full type fan, as opposed to these pukes at Sometimes that has caused me to be fooled into believing, fooled into renewing my season tickets and all the pain that goes along with it. But I have to say I am glad I stuck with the Bengals. Last years playoff run and this offseason have been validation.

So yesterday the Bengals sign Terrell Owens. The same Owens who stomped on the star in Dallas. The same Owens who did sit ups in his driveway. The same Owens who allegedly attempted suicide. The same Owens who has been a cancer to every team he has been on. The same Owens who I often use to contrast Chad. Owens has been the evil clown of the NFL while Chad has been the fun clown.

Now 36, Owens appears a more humble version of his former self. After a dissapointing season in Buffalo last year he agreed to make 40% of what he earned last season to play in Cincinnati. How many people do you know who take a 60% pay cut to do what they love???? There have been a few NFLers who have done it. Robert Smith and Pat Tillman (he gave his life) come to mind. But the list is short. This to me demonstrates some level of maturity.

So is it a good signing? Well, the numbers are impressive: 1006 catches for almost 15,000 yards and 144 TDs. Compare that to Chad: 684 catches for about 10,000 yards and 62 TDs. Similar numbers when you consider that TO has played 14 seasons and Chad has only logged 9. The numbers say this guy can help the Bengals.

So what are the pundits saying? He is too old. He'll screw up the chemistry. He is taking a spot of a young reciever. There is only one ball to go around. All are valid questions, but...

He is too old...Have you seen this MFer with his shirt off? I don't know if he is doing that Cyrogenics shit you see in the SkyMall ad on the plane. Don't care. He may be 36, but he is in tip top shape and still gets it done. 829 yards and 5 TDs in Buffalo last year with a one armed gimp for a QB, no running game and the curse that is Buffalo upon him. Not bad #s under the circumstances.

He'll screw up the chemistry...Chad is enamored with him. That goes without saying. I think they are already looking for condos together and registering at Macy's. How about Carson gave him a vote? That counts for something right? How about Marvin and Mike felt comfortable with him? Their record doesn't lie. They have brought in "cancers" such as Tank, Larry Johnson, Matt Jones, Cedric Benson. They brought back Chris Henry. These guys didn't cause problems in the locker room, what makes you think TO will? Obviously there is some leadership in this organization now. It wasn't always the case, but the last few years don't lie.

He is taking a spot...Yep. For a guy who isn't as good as him. That is how you take a spot. Next question, douche.

There aren't enough balls to go around...Chad had his best years with TJ. Manning had Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark and Stokely you get my point? Hopefully Chad, TO, Bryant (if he is healthy), Gresham et all will make each other better. Hopefully it will get the 8 guys the Jets sat in the box out of the box and open up some holes for Ced.

The bottom line is when you can get a guy like TO for peanuts you'd be a bad owner if you didn't sign his ass. If he steps out of line, cut him. The Bengals are showing they are committed to winning. Pacman and TO and the draft are signs that they are for real.

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This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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