The Daily Banter: Is It Time To Move On?

While ESPN played in the background while I was doing my nightly workout -- settle down ladies, I'm talking about a stationary bike in my exercise room -- across the bottom line ran a breaking news report. I thought, oh man, this will be exciting. Breaking News is always interesting. Except locally of course, when a thick cloud that brings the potential of rain showers interrupts nearly 30 minutes of primetime programming that you were actually interested in. No.

So what's the news? What's the big deal?

LeBron James will announce his free agency plans during a one-hour show on ESPN on Thursday at 9P.M. The Breaking News essentially told you that the real Breaking News will happen two days later. Worse yet, the news will take place during a one-hour show on ESPN, which I'm sure will talk up the godliness of his majesty. Can anyone be thought of as more godly than god himself in sports?

I'm no fool. I know LeBron's plans during the NBA's free agency period is big. I know that it potentially has a ripple affect across the pond of free agents. Still, a one-hour show on ESPN to announce his decision? And if he stays with Cleveland, how ridiculous will have this all been?

I know free agency in all sports has a peak; a point during free agency where the headline news is who signs with whom. The NFL has it, which lasts throughout a weekend. Are there pre-free agency news about where players could land? Sure. But the truth is, rarely do the great players of today, while in their prime, find themselves as unrestricted free agents. Typically teams hold onto their best players either through the franchise tag (transition tag too, which is lesser used) or a prolonged negotiation period. Guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or even Carson Palmer, are very unlikely to experience free agency until well after their primes.

So the NBA's free agency period might bring a little more excitement. But it also has a bit of narcissism and self-proclaimed self-importance on their side.

+ Geoff Hobson talks about recent Bengals Pro Bowl snubs, prompted by Joey Votto and Cincinnati's own Kevin Youkilis being snubbed in the All Star game. However, James Walker indirectly tells Hobson in his most "I'm a jerk so let me show it" tone of voice: "Yes, the division champs deserved better treatment than only Chad Ochocinco getting in as an alternate. But it’s time to move on."

James, James, James. Don't be such a jerk. Perhaps we call you a kettle. Who is the one that brings up the team's historical issues with the law? Time to move on with that James, don't you think? Who is the one that brings up character issues that the team either signs or looks into a player? Time to move on with that James, don't you think? Geoff Hobson's posting talks about Pro Bowl snubs in relation to Cincinnati's other snubs in Major League Baseball's All-Star game. Not only is the article locally relevant, it's oriented with the team that's being covered.

+ Speaking of James Walker, he writes an article on Cedric Benson's recent assault and questions if the running back will be suspended. Nothing new here. All of the facts have been reported a week ago. Time to move on until something of substance is known.

+ Chad's iPad application will reportedly hit the stores this week. Does anyone have his iPhone app? What's it all about?

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