Week 2 Picks

After a terrible assessment of the Week 1 games, I guessed 5 out of a possible 15 victors. I'll see if I can at least improve upon that embarrassing total this week.

Buffalo 16 at Green Bay 41...  The game gets out of hand early when Jennings can't be covered by the Buffalo secondary. The Bills will try hard to establish their running game but  will fail to do so.

Miami 14 at Minnesota 31...  I expect a slew of mistakes from Henne against a loud crowd and a mean D-line in Minnesota.  Visanthe Shiancoe and A.P. will wreak havoc on the Dolphins' defense.

Kansas City 17 at Cleveland 24...  Delhomme will settle down at home and even lead the game winning 4th quarter drive.  The browns may have been too pass happy last week but they'll need it against K.C..

Chicago 20 at Dallas 24...  A close game as the Cowboy's will have trouble getting it going on the ground.  In the end Cutler won't overcome an oppressive Dallas secondary but Matt Forte will give him the chance.

Arizona 13 at Atlanta 17...  After flopping against the stingy Steelers in Week 1, the Atlanta ground game will get into rhythm against a lesser defense. On the flip side, Arizona barely beat the Rams last week.

Tampa Bay 9 at Carolina 27...  Josh Freeman & Co. have no chance against the Panthers' defense at home. DeAngelo Williams will be brilliant facing a Bucs defense that gave up 4.5 yards a carry last week.

Philadelphia 24 at Detroit 10... This match-up really plays to Philadelphia's strengths defending the pass.  Vick will pick apart the Lions on the ground and through the air.

Baltimore 17 at Cincinnati 28...  Mike Zimmer will whip the defense back into shape but it's always a game between these two teams.  Palmer will find his groove early and Bernard Scott will have a big day.

Pittsburgh 12 at Tennessee 21...  Chris Johnson will have the performance of a lifetime against Pitt.  Dennis Dixon won't be displaying any passing skills anytime soon, Vince Young will show him how its done.

Seattle 27 at Denver 17...  The Seahawks displayed a nasty combination of run defense and pass rush last week. Forsett will win the game on the ground against a porous Denver front seven.

St. Louis 14 at Oakland 20... The Raiders' outing against Chris Johsnon and Vince Young in Week 1 was rough, but the defense will look better against a more conventional offense.  McFadden lights it up running and catching.

Houston 28 at Washington 13... With McNabb and Portis dinged up the Texans should have a strong showing on the road.  Andre Johnson will explode in the first half and Foster will wear them down afterward.

New England 27 at New York Jets 16... Moss and Brady get their revenge on Revis. Mark Sanchez will look awful again when L.T. and Shonn Greene fail on the ground.

Jacksonville 28 at San Diego 24...  The Jags' efforts to get some pass rush have finally paid off and they'll continue to do so.  Jones-Drew and Sims-Walker pave the way for the win with 100+ yard games.

New York Giants 31 at Indianapolis 34... The Mannings will duke it out but Peyton wins at home.  Bradshaw will have a big day for the Giants but the defense can't cover so many quality Colts receivers.

New Orleans 27 at San Fransisco 20...  Alex Smith will continue to make mistakes against these savvy Saints safeties.  Colston and Meachem will handle the Niners secondary with ease.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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