Week 4 Picks

Week three's 9-7 record was an improvement, but not exactly what I meant by way over .500. My record now stands at 22-25. My best call from week three was the Washington @ St. Louis game (guessed 20-17 STL). The worst call I made for week three was the Tennessee @ New York Giants game (guessed 27-24 NYG).

I'm sold on these predictions for week four...

New York Jets 23 at Buffalo 10... Sanchez will get the win but the Jets running game will earn it. The Bills linebackers are awful. Tomlinson will look like L.T. again with at least 150 all purpose yards.
Denver 16 at Tennessee 24...The Titans will not be exploited through the air, and the Denver ground game definitely won't save the day. Orton and the Broncos offense are in for a long day. Justin Gage and Bo Scaife should have their best games of the year but don't expect much from Nate Washington. Chris Johnson, of course, will do big thangs.
Detroit 7 at Green Bay 30...The Lions may have an improved pass rush, but even the patchwork Green Bay rushing attack will get through Detroit's shaky run support to open up the field for Rodgers and the passing game. Detroit's offense is doomed and will barely have a successful drive all day.
San Fransisco 19 at Atlanta 34... Unfortunately for the Niners, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and Michael Turner can't all be covered by Patrick Willis. Gore and Vernon Davis will continue to have their good performances go to waste in the hands of Alex Smith, the Falcons' secondary has proven they'll take advantage of QB mistakes.
Seattle 22 at St. Louis 16... The loss of Steven Jackson puts the brakes on the Rams' upward momentum. Seattle has been dominant against the run so far and Bradford will have to throw into solid pass coverage on nearly every down. Whenever the Rams manage to stop Justin Forsett and Leon Washington, Hasselbeck will be lighting up his outside receivers, Deon Branch, and especially Deon Butler. For St. Louis, Amendola may have a surprisingly productive receiving day, but don't count on Clayton.
Carolina 20 at New Orleans 31... The Saints' corners and safeties may be the best in the league. Expect the Panthers to attempt to work inside with tight ends and running backs against the linebackers. Dante Rosario will have the majority of Carolina's catches and receiving yards. New Orleans may be slightly disappointing on offense with an interception or two, but their balanced approach will prevail.
Baltimore 16 at Pittsburgh 13... Baltimore takes it in overtime. Mendenhall may break a couple of runs but the Steelers will starve on passing downs. Flacco will have a very up and down day, and may even be body slammed by James Harrison a couple times, but Boldin, Mason, Housh, and Heap will scrape out barely enough yards for the win.
Cincinnati 34 at Cleveland 13... The Bengals will finally come out swinging and take a commanding lead early. Benson will wear down the clock after an extremely efficient passing display puts points on the board. Expect big days from Palmer, Ocho, T.O., Shipley, Caldwell, Benson, Scott, Leonard, Gresham, Kelly, and Coats.
Indianapolis 38 at Jacksonville 14...The Jags stand no chance of guarding Wayne, Collie, and Clark, all three will continue to rack up the yards and TDs. Jones-Drew will be solid until they're forced to abandon the ground game, around 75 yards and a touchdown is my guess.
Houston 20 at Oakland 24...The Texans keep sliding and the Raiders shake the league. Heyward-Bey will have his breakout performance and Louis Murphy will get his share as usual. McFadden will put the first big dent in Houston's run-defense. Nnamdi will keep Andre Johnson relatively quiet, but Arian Foster and Owen Daniels will see plenty of productive touches. Gradkowski will lead the game winning 4th quarter drive.
Washington 19 at Philadelphia 27... Philly will show why they traded Donovan McNabb away. The Vick-led Eagles are what the Vick-led Falcons always wanted to be, and will be extremely difficult to gameplan against. If the 'Skins could run the ball at all then they might compete offensively, but the Philly secondary is too good to throw at all day. Neither team will be calling many run plays, but a superior passing game and timely interceptions will give Philly the win.
Arizona 17 at San Diego 26... Ryan Matthews will have a good return from injury and the Chargers passing game will finally settle into a rhythm. Fitzgerald should still have a good day but Derek Anderson is bound to make some costly mistakes.
Chicago 30 at New York Giants 20... Chicago has flattened the mediocre running backs they've faced so far, so Bradshaw and Jacobs are in for another off night. Julius Peppers will be hurrying throws constantly and the Eli will be picked off a few times despite tons of passing yardage. Mario Manningham will probably have the game off due to a head injury but Ramses Barden, the likely fill-in, will make some big plays. Steve Smith will get some production but Hakeem Nicks will be shutout. Forte will have his best rushing game since his rookie year, and the short passing game of the Bears will slowly eat away at the Giants' time of possession.
New England 24 at Miami 31... Ronnie Brown and Brandon Marshall will turn this into a smash mouth, possession-type of of game. Henne is an excellent game manager when the run game and play-action pass are in rhythm. Anthony Fasano will be targeted often. The Pats offense should still do well but the two rookie tight ends and Wes Welker will be frequently involved. Green-Ellis, the Pats' recently promoted feature back, will add plenty of yards and a few more points to his name.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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