The Root cause for the Bengals Offensive Struggles

I'll say this right up front: it's got to come down to the coaching staff.

It's obvious Zimmer doesn't have this problem, but that may be because Marvin is essentially a Defensive-minded coach.

Now, if that is true - anyone want to argue that? - then you look to his opposite on the Offense: Bratowski.

There are things going on that are so painfully obvious that it hurts.  In fact, it is hurting this teams performance.

Already this season we have so many examples of this.  Here's my talking points.



You have Carson who is NOT playing very well.
You have an O line NOT run blocking or pass blocking very well.
You have two WR vets NOT running consistant routes, and dropping way too many balls.

Our OC and his assistants are not on the same page, not even close.  It took a thumping by the cowboys in preseason to get them to get going.  It took a sound ass-whipping by the patriots to get them going for the actual season.

We're damn lucky we have a rock solid D, two rookies that are playing pro caliber ball, two excellent RBs, a 3rd down back who does anything needed to get a first down, and two kickers that are all adding up to our two wins.

The actual game plan, series plan, and play calling is terrible.  There's not even a hint of playing against an opponents weakness on a consistant basis.  You have to take what the opposition gives you each series and if you fail to recognize those opportunities it will cost us games for sure.  We're too predictable currently and without everying firing on all cylinders together we will continue to see Carson make poor throws and get picked off.

Ultimately it's Marvin's fault, but all signs continue to point to Bratowski being the root cause.  I don't know if firing him is the smartest thing to do during the season, but Marvin should be looking fixing this, even it if means granting much more freedom to Carson to create the game plan.

Carson is no dummy, he knows what he's up against and if he can man up and use all of the talen't at his disposal to create a better game plan with better plays for that week, we can see some marked improvement.  I also think this level of control given to Carson would get him more comfortable behind center.  The ability to just say, "we're going no-huddle this series." instead of waiting for Bratowski to dream it up would be a game changer. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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