Why is Bratkowski Bad?

I think by now, most of you realize I'm not one to lick my finger and stick it in the air to see which way the wind's blowing to determine where to stand.  So, with that, here is my question:  why is Bratkowski necessarily a bad OC?

To preface, I am not secretly Bob Bratkowski, nor have any allegiences to or penchant for him.  Additionally, I don't necessarily think he is a good OC either and could be sold on the fact he is a terrible coordinater.  The problem is I just don't know how to feel about him and haven't heard any compelling arguments.  I wish I had video that shows me the entire play development, to include all the routes of the receivers down field and the counter defensive schemes to determine if Bob is calling plays which get receivers open or runningbacks ideal spots to run against.  Unfortunately, I don't and haven't been to any games in years, plus I'm not sure I'm smart enough to analyze offensive schemes if I did have the video.

However, I know Ron Jaworski (who is known for spending countless hours watching game footage to analyze offensive schemes) has had strong accolades for Bob Bratkowski this year.  Hines Ward once credited Bratkowski with his development as a young receiver in Pittsburgh.  Bratkowski was the guy who convinced Mike Brown to select Chad (who despite my bias towards him, has been our best receiver of all time).  We have had a string of low-round draft pick recievers who were developed into elites under Bratkowski.  Other teams have stolen our plays to execute with success in the playoffs.  He was able to get a 340 lb tackle open in the endzone for a TD catch.  He's discreetly  facilitated two 1000-yd seasons for a RB we picked up off the street.  And we've had great showcases of offensive execution over the years.  Yet, Bratkowski seems to recieve more animosity than anyone not named Mike Brown.

First of all, OC is the easiest person/entity to criticize when an offense is not producing.  Because, obviously, with right play calling, we can score a TD on any play of the game right?  This is why there is a constant coaching carousel on every team for all coordinaters, head coaches, and assistant coaches.  And I never really understood it, other than to appease the fans because this is the best way for owners to show them they are committed to winning by finding a new "genius" who's going to make it work, despite lack of talent.  And this is what drives me crazy....

We make it so easy for Mike Brown to appease us and provide "hope" through the constant advent of new coaches.  Maybe Bratkowski is terrible, but to me, there are bigger issues which are hindering our offense.

We've got a QB who doesn't grasp opposing defensive schemes very well, makes poor decisions, telegraphs his passes by staring down receivers, methodically hands the ball off to his RB which signals to everybody it's a run, and has difficulty managing the 2-minute drill (Hell, Palmer didn't even realize the final offensive play of the season was 4th down until he returned to an empty huddle).  Add to him a deteriorating line that doesn't get the job done.  Yea, we've got legitimate all-pro at LT, but when the LG can't block his man, there is no hole to run through for the RB, no matter how the play is called.  When there's a human turnstyle at RT letting guys get at the QB to apply pressure, that reduces the time for receivers to get open, no matter what their routes are.

So, who exactly is setting who up for failure?

I hear things like "he runs on 3rd and long", "doesn't run the ball enough", "runs it too much", "Plays Benson as opposed to Scott", "Has Scott run it up the middle as opposed to the outside", etc.  Yet, all of these arguments are debatable or embellished.  And of course, if Bratkowski ran plays which we rationally desired, wouldn't that be a little predictable for opposing defenses?

But again, maybe he is a bad OC.  I'd just like for somebody to logically explain why to me.  Or if it'd make you feel better, go ahead and join the majority in insulting me.  The wind is blowing against Bratkowski in case you're not aware, so you'll know what side to stand on if that's how you approach life...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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