The 2011 Mockery: Post Declaration Mayhem

It's January 15th and you know what that means sports fans? That means ever underclassman that wanted to declare, declared. The deadline has been reached and it's quite an interesting situation. 12 Underclassman running backs declared this draft, last years draft on 12 running backs were even drafted! On top of that the guy I wanted number 1 to Cincy showed how talented he was in the National Championship game and may have earned himself #1 taken overall.  So in this mock I decided I'm going with plan B players just to change everything up. And not show the same guy I want 100 times. (Aka someone like Marcus Cannon)

Round One: Patrick Peterson FS
School: LSU  Class: Jr.  Height: 6'1"   Weight: 222    

For the first round pick give I'd be excited for Patrick Peterson, he's a young talent with great speed and good size. When you watch him play and see his build you can see  why he would fit better as a Free Safety. He may not be able to be lock down corner (maybe a solid one or even a pro bowl) but his skills would really be fit at safety. Why do I want to go with Peterson. Well if Fairley and Bowers are gone I see Patrick being our best option. Consider this he fits the bill to be a safety but if Hall or J-Jo walks, we have our next corner ready. Also just watch the highlight turn up your speakers and watch this thing, what's not to like?
Backup pick: Defensive Line


Round Two: Orlando Franklin OL
School: UMiami   Class: Sr.  Height: 6'7"   Weight: 312    

Orlando is a true technician, for a guy his size he has some of the better fundamentals I've seen. He's a college tackle who could easily kick inside at the pro level, but could play tackle in the pro's if needed.  Franklin may not have the quickness on his kicks to go one on one with an elite DE but with kicking inside he will able to put his strength to work and start knocking bodies around. I would say one of the things the impressed me the most was his angle of adjustment when going after backers at the next level he rarely takes bad angles when blocking a level 2 defender.
Backup pick: DeMarcus Love, Marcus Cannon.



Round Three:  Marvin Austin  DT
School: NC  Class: Jr.  Height: 6'3"   Weight: 310   
Highlight (So)

Marvin is a pass rush play maker and just an animal when let loose. There's a lot of things that you can say Austin has to offer, he's typically one of the first off the ball (which isn't too bad when you share the line with Robert Quinn) or that he is also talented at clogging run lanes. The thing that impresses me the most is his strong 2nd move he has and the fact he rarely gives up on a play.  If he get's beat on his first move he counters seamlessly with an inside spin (for example) that makes interior lineman dip their heads in, leading to an easy way around.
Backup pick: Christian Ballard



Round Four: Tandon Doss WR
School: Indiana  Class: Jr.  Height: 6'3"   Weight: 200  

Tandon Doss is a great pick up at the top of the 4th. He should have waited a year for his stock to rise just a little bit more but his choice to come out early is our gain as we can snag him in the mid rounds. On a year where his team only won 5 games, and didn't exactly have a Manning for a QB Doss snagged 63 passes for 707 yards and 7 Touchdowns. With those stat's Doss averaged over a 1st down every time he brought in a ball. Doss a long with being a talented wide-out has a solid return game to go with his offensive skills.
Backup Pick: Greg Little

Round Four: Josh Bynes LB
School: Auburn  Class: Sr.  Height: 6'2"   Weight: 235 

Bynes plays ILB and but has the ability to play OLB as well. From everything I've read he has a high football IQ and the coaches at Auburn loved him for that. He wasn't just brains though he was a playmaker for auburn and was a vital part of Auburn's National Championship defense. He finished his SR season with 3 INT's, 5 pass break ups, 1 sack, 8 QB hurries, and a forced fumble. Bynes may be a good fit with our current situation of LB's. We may lose Brandon Johnson as well as Dhani. With the possible move of Rey to mike as well Josh could supply depth at OLB or MLB. Being with his football IQ he may be a good fit at working himself into the Mike here.


Round Seven: Allen Bradford
School: USC  Class: Sr.  Height: 6'0"   Weight: 235 

The Return of Allen Bradford. Being on my list before I later removed him for taking a RB earlier on. With the fact that literally we have 20+ RB's who in just about an other year would go round 4 or above I say we patiently wait and just snag one late in the draft. Bradford split time this year only getting 110 attempts, but with those 110 attempts he generated 794 yards on the ground, averaging out 7.4 yards a carry. Bradford may not be as polished as earlier round RB's, but given the chance I believe Bradford could be a late round gem.




Wes Byrum

Kicker, Auburn. The Player had multiple game winning kicks THIS SEASON alone.  We need possible replacements for kicker if Nugent isn't healthy, and if he is healthy have some competition for the job. Byrum's career stat's are 98% on PAT and 75% on FG's after all 4 yrs of starting for Auburn.


Robert Hughes

Full Back, Notre Dame. (I understand he is listed as RB but people say he'd convert to FB for NFL). I know a few people may be thinking well Pressley is doing great. Yea he's doing well but I at least want competition every pre-season, that gets the most from players. Remember Jeremy Johnson? Yeah he was talented but he let himself get out of shape because he didn't have anyone to compete with. If Hughes is better then Pressley keep him, if Pressley wins the position battle, good for him. The more important thing is the competition for the roster needs to keep up.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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