Bengals 2011 Opponents Determined

FOXBORO MA - SEPTEMBER 12: Jonathan Wilhite #24 and James Sanders #36 of the New England Patriots stop Jermaine Gresham #84 of the Cincinnati Bengals at the goal line during the NFL season opener at Gillette Stadium on September 12 2010 in Foxboro Massachusetts. The Patriots won 38-24. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

When the Bengals won the 2009 AFC North, they were tasked with facing every AFC Division Champion, the AFC East and the NFC South in 2010 -- both divisions had five 10-win teams combined. With the plethora of issues that faced this team in 2010, the Bengals faced (and lost) some of the best teams in 2010 in both conferences. Of the Bengals 13 opponents faced in 2010, nine have ten wins or more and four teams won at least 12 games. The Bengals faced five of the six AFC playoff teams and two of the NFC's best three teams.

A breakdown of the team's opponents and results after the job.

Along with facing the AFC South and the NFC West in 2011, the Bengals will face all last place teams in the AFC, along with six games against their own division. Here's the Bengals 2011 opponents.

Home Away
Ravens Ravens
Browns Browns
Steelers Steelers
Cardinals Broncos
Bills Jaguars
Texans Rams
Colts Seahawks
49ers Titans

Aside from the Steelers and Colts, the team's home schedule doesn't look favorable to having many sellouts, does it? Of the team's 2011 opponents, only four are in this year's playoffs, which includes the 7-9 NFC West champion Seattle Seahawks; the Jaguars and Rams were in the playoff hunt in week 17, but they were eliminated by teams that we're already facing.

This continues our belief that if history is anything, it's cyclical. The Bengals only won four games in 2008, showing remarkable improvement in the final few games to provide fans a sense of hope, much like the team did to finish out 2010. The Bengals were awarded with a weaker schedule in 2009, which assisted their playoff run that season.

Opponent 2010 Record Result Playoffs
New England Patriots 14-2 L, 38-24 1st AFC Seed
Atlanta Falcons 13-3 L 39-32 1st NFC Seed
Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4 L 27-21. L 23-7 2nd AFC Seed
Baltimore Ravens 12-4 W 15-10, L 13-7 5th AFC Seed
NY Jets 11-5 L 26-10 6th AFC Seed
New Orleans Saints 11-5 L 34-30 5th NFC Seed
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10-6 L 24-21  
Indianapolis Colts 10-6 L 27-21 3rd AFC Seed
San Diego Chargers 9-7 W 34-20  
Miami Dolphins 7-9 L 22-14  
Cleveland Browns 5-11 L 23-20. W 19-17  
Buffalo Bills 4-12 L 49-31  
Carolina Panthers 2-14 W 20-7  
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