Bengals Player Pick 'Em -- FINAL STANDINGS

I'd like to start off this wrap-up post by thanking everybody who participated this year.  Without your participation this game would get very boring very fast and would wither and die.  So please keep it up.

Please feel free to e-mail me during the offseason (my email is in my profile) if you have any suggestions for improving the game for next season.  Or comment on it below.

OK, here is the scoring wrap-up post for last week's game.

Well the 2010 season has finally meandered to a close. We came close in this one, with two shots in the 4th quarter to steal the win, but we couldn’t pull it off. At least our boys tried to the bitter end. Good for them.

We had 21 legit entries this weekend. So the max "normal" points is 20, and without any defensive players scoring a TD that will be the true max as well. On offense, only Jerome Simpson scored anything. I also have to note his two fumbles and wish there was a way to dock him for those. But there isn’t, so we’ll have to let that slide. Hold onto the ball next time, dude! On defense, Roy Williams forced a fumble, Carlos Dunlap recovered it, and Reggie Nelson got an INT. Two of those three were potential point scorers last week as well. And yet not one was picked yet again this week. Shame on us all.

Well at least that makes the weekly scoring pretty simple:

18 points – Cry (Jerome Simpson)
18 points – BonnieBengal (Jerome Simpson)
18 points – Boomer Lion (Jerome Simpson)

And this gives us a FINAL leaderboard of:

1. FriarBob – 239 points
2. CincyMike56 – 237 points
3. Cry – 234 points
4. The Dealio – 224 points
5. Mr. X – 212 points
6. jimbasa – 209 points
7. James Schmid the great – 192 points
8. Purple City Middie – 190 points
9. TruWhoDey – 164 points
10. CincinnatiCyanide88 – 161 points
11. the Flying Pig – 151 points
12. quickslant – 149 points
13. Rocket_Man_G – 147 points
14. BonnieBengal – 146 points
15t. WHYUS!! – 141 points
15t. Throw the ball – 141 points
16. Jake Liscow – 122 points
17. BradDwayne – 111 points
18. Carsonorbust – 110 points
19t. Jcon77 – 109 points
19t. Alexneyer – 109 points
20. MCSubtext – 108 points
21. BoomerEsiasonsLoveChild – 100 points
22. Boomer Lion – 91 points
23. Rockhound-11 – 90 points
24. duffmane – 86 points
25. Richard L – 80 points
26. tafjag1 – 75 points
27t. TrickyD26 – 73 points
27t. jimmer9 – 73 points
28. TheCinWin – 67 points
29. Oregonbengalsfan – 58 points
30t. darth zalmer – 54 points
30t. Bengal mayhem – 54 points
31. emeybee – 53 points
32. whodey?? – 52 points
33t. Jaegner – 49 points
33t. ephr – 49 points
34. ritalin – 31 points
35. TCfromDubVee – 25 points
36. cscmember – 23 points
37. bill schwab – 20 points
38. featherman – 12 points

So I guess that means I’ve got a bit of a dynasty going here, winning this game now two years in a row. (Does this mean I need to change my nickname to Two Dey?) Somebody needs to step up their game and unseat me next year, OK?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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