A message to the rest of the NFL.


Disclaimer :  The opinions discussed here'in are the opinions of one fanatical and excited "massive Bengal fan" and not necessarily the opinions of an entire "Bengal Nation" (although I wish they were).

I'm slightly sorry that I'm going to throw some of us Bengal die hards (by name) into the fire right now (not really), but someone has to start the Revolution. Someone has to get the rest of the "Bengal Nation" to commit.

We must "believe" and speak it aloud so that the Universe can hear us and make it a reality.

A few of us (gratefulmax,biggie 22,bluesteel,nextwhodey) to name a few, have been saying since before the season that the "Bengals" would be in the Playoffs as at least a wildcard and maybe even a Division winner (we've published our opinions on Cincy After 42 yrs of being a "massive Bengal fan" , something I've learned is that when everyone is against us and expects nothing from us, that's when we seem to thrive. We love being an under the radar Underdog. We went from worst to first and 2 Super Bowls in "81" and "88" with the exact same circumstances that the world is watching unfold right now!! And now the Ravens get beat-down @ their home by a team (Jax) that we beat in Jacksonville 2 weeks ago. We're 4-2 and beat the Bills, and our only 2 losses were Andy Dalton's (rookie QB) 2nd game by 2 points to Denver @ Mile High ( a tough venue for any team)  and a 13-8 loss to Playoff contender San Francisco in arguably Andy Dalton's worst start (3rd game) where he threw an interception in the Red Zone as we were going in for the winning score late in the game against the 49'rs. We Could easily be 6-0 at this point with a rookie QB, A rookie Reciever (A.J. Green) and the second youngest team in the league after Tampa Bay. Let's not forget that we also, as of today have the #1 Defense in the NFL!! You all say that our Schedule is easy (no such thing in the NFL).Just ask the Ravens. I say that the Bengals are notorious for playing to the level of their competition. You'll all see that when we "Play-Up" to our Division Rivals Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Clevland in weeks 10,11 & 12 (3 Division games in a row). What Jacksonville and Del-Rio did last night to the Ravens was simply taking a page out of Marvin Lewis's defensive scheme against the Ravens for the last 6 yrs (we're 8-4 against them). I'm just saying..................Please keep discounting and disrespecting us. We like it that way and on "New Years" day when we play the Ravens @ home in Cincy for the "Division Title" (loser gets the Wild-Card) don't say we didn't tell you so. 

Who-Dey think gonna beat them Bengals?   NoooooooooooooooooBody!!    

Sincerely,   One fanatical and excited   "massive Bengal fan"      and hopefully the rest of   "Bengal Nation".

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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