Where to start??

Im just having that one feeling again

I think this week, we should focus on running the ball more and use Jermaine Gresham more.....The Guy is a beast,

With Benson out for this week, i would start Scott, use Brain Leonard on 3rd down, and have Peerman as the Rocker right up the D's throat.......


WR- Green is having a great season, but i dont want our Offense to look like the Detroit Lions, they can only throw to Megatron, and besides that they can do nothing much, I want the ball to be spreading out more, to Jerome,Caldwell and Hawkins. 

Caldwell has been having issues with drops and inconsistency.

Jerome on the other hand, is a beast when he catches the football and breaks loose after the catch.

Hawkins can straight out burn the opposing D with his speed, and i dont mind moving him over to punt returning duties.


OL- The o-line has be better than i except, even with the loss of Williams the first few games, we had it shore up. maybe my biggest Concern is about keeping Dalton clean when we come to the likes of the Titans, Steelers And the Ravens. I seen how those Titans players can be, they are super aggressive in their playing style. Steelers are just a Big physical team, their only down side is their aging and they arent in their prime. The Ravens is the same like the Steelers, the only difference is that Ravens have a lot of speed in the back end with Ed Reed and with Future HOF Ray Lewis, he can hit anyone (Dustin Keller hit)


The Defense overall, is great in all, but i want to see a whole game where we can put all the pieces on Defense together. like a 4 sack game and a 3 INT game all in one and holding down our opponents only to 3-10 points thats probably the best thing i wish for, also coming up big in spotlight game to show our haters that we are for real.....

the only concern is probably the DB play, Hall has been solid, Clements has been solid too, the problem is our Nickel DB Morgan Trent, the guy is average at best, Jones is coming back so who do we cut now? Miles? Trent? I dont know, i would probably cut Trent and keep Miles for ST, also Kelly Jennings hasnt been on the field as of late,

Maybe the reason why we traded him was just to only stop Mike"Speed Kills" Wallace.... maybe that was the entire point sit him out and study Mike Wallace and then when we play The steelers, He plays Man-Man with a High Safety over the top,







Overall, i just want to see us blowout the Seahawks at their own building 42-13

I would be happy to see us blow them out, i just want to see our offense clicking on all cylinders and rip them a part, the truth is that i want to see our offense and defense put an entire game together.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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