This is an article that I wrote on August  23rd, 2011 before the season started. I thought it had been lost in Cyberspace. Luckily (maybe not for you)  I found the unpublished "Draft" in my draft box. I didn't even know that I had a draft box or that all the stuff I write on here is saved. Needless to say I'm not very savvy when it comes to computers.

Anyway, the reason I'm posting this now is the reason I was gonna post it back then...........I'm new to the community (just joined in August) and I sort of wanted to let you all know that  I'm not just some bandwagon or fair-weather fan that  decided to crash your party.

I wanted to let you all know (and not because I don't have a life) that I have lived and died (figuratively) with this team since I was 6 years old. And that I've "earned my stripes" by living an existence similar to that  of a  Bi-Polar maniac . 

Up... when the Bengals do good to fairly well.  &  and terribly depressed when they (well you know) don't.

Most of all............I've been deprived from having any kind of Interaction with anyone, (maybe for good reason)  when it came to the Bengals.   And except for the ridicule and abuse that I've suffered at the hands of  non-bengal fans, it's not been much fun (Ha hA ha). 

Anyway, I Promise I'll keep future Posts' much Shorter in the future (really).

I guess,  I'm just excited (to the dismay of all who have to endure reading this) to finally find the home (Bengal-Nation)  that I've been seeking for most of  my life.  A place where only "my kind" can understand, empathize, and hopefully celebrate for many years to come. 

A place sort of like.................................................................................The Island of  "mis-fit"  toy's.

PS. Any Bengal fan, anywhere near South Florida (Fort Lauderdale). My public e-mail can be found by clicking on my name (I never knew that).  Feel free to give me a shout. There could be worse things than having a friend in Florida. 



I was born in Cincy. (Parents moved me away when I was a little cub). I am 48 yrs. old and have been a massive BENGAL fan (trapped in South Florida) for 42 yrs!! I was @ the 59 below wind chill game against San Diego. I cried at both Super Bowls (In Person).  I have lived in Florida, New York, California, Spain, Thailand, Romania and Amsterdam and have PROUDLY worn my “Bengal Gear” every Sunday (I mean every Sunday) since I was 6 yrs old.

Yes, I have been ridiculed most every Sunday. But like w/ Family, you have to be Loyal, and I always stood up to the abuse and ridicule from other fans knowing that I'm proud to be a Bengal, a  Loyal  stand-up guy. A Real fan (not fair-weather). The 1st year they changed over to Stripes I had a Black  Toyota Supra  and I ended up painting Orange Tiger Stripes  all over that Car.  It could have been a very long and abusive situation for me that year, But I Believed !!  and instead got rewarded with one of the most memorable “Super Bowl” appearances ever!

Basement dwellers the previous season, I Drove my Supra in Winter time from Florida to Michigan to Root  my team on. Down 20-0 @ the Half,  I couldn’t have been prouder than to see my team respond the way they did in the second half (a 26-20 loss).

Seven years later (again, basement dwellers the previous season) I was @ home in Florida and from my seats at the "Super Bowl" I could see in the distance  the “City of Miami” burning down (riots in Overtown) as I watched one of the most thrilling “Super Bowls” ever !!  and with out  the most dominating nose- tackle  Bengal fans had ever seen in "Tim Krumrie” (as ugly as Theisman's injury) . We were 34 seconds away from pulling it off (a 20-16 loss).

I had just won 10k (bengals covered) and was crying like a baby because of the Loss. I would have gladly given up the money to a 49'er,  for the win and our place in history as a "Super Bowl" champion. But never the less, I couldn't have been prouder to be a Bengal (win or lose) that day.

In "05" (3rd place the previous season) against rival Pittsburgh, when Carson went down on the 2nd play of the game ( I cried again) but couldn't have been prouder to be a member of the "Black and Orange" . 

In "09" (3rd place the previous season) with a top-ranked defense that eventually was decimated by injuries by the end of the season ( the Jets playoff game) , I was still proud of the effort and heart  they showed that year, in sweeping and winning the division 

I'm not delusional when I believe that after finishing in the basement again last year , We in my opinion, have a good shot of winning the "Wild-Card" this year (maybe the Division) . Why Not ??  History shows that almost every time we expect nothing from our Cat's ,  the "Universe" seems to smile on them and surprise us.

What else am I to believe (with the promise and hope of a brand new season) except that ??   Why all the Negativity ?  Why not collectively and optimistically believe that we'll catch some fortunate bounces throughout the season ? Why ( in the name of realism) do so many "FANS" choose to throw in the towel before the season's even begun ?

We have a very young and hungry group of guy's who deserve our loyalty along with our belief that they can and will win!  Belief is funny that way (It's contagious).    How many times in sports history have you seen a young and hungry bunch (who didn't know any better) expect to win and did!!  How many times in history have you seen those signs with the slogan "DO YOU BELIEVE ?" 

Why can't it happen to us ? (It's a rhetorical question people).  The Bottom line is this.............I am a "BENGAL FAN" and for me to believe anything less than the best (mixed in w/some luck) would make me an apprehensive, fair-weather, sittin on the fence, critical  kind of fan.  I'd rather let all those other 31 Team's fans know (from the top of my lungs or from the stripes on my car) that I expect my team (somehow) to have a magical season.

After all, Isn't that what  our team believes ?  (I really believe a "Wild Card" is in the works this year. BUT NO MATTER WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS THIS YEAR......................What you guy’s have to realize is that we Root for  "A TEAM"  and the “TEAM ” that I have been watching in my Bengals Gear every Sunday for 42 years, The Team that I have cried for (and with), have always done the best they can with what they have to work with. They practice very hard and go through Blood, Sweat and Tears because they believe !! 

MIKE BROWN IS NOT MY TEAM !! (talk about tears). The 53  players who  line-up every year, The 53 who face ridicule and harrasment  from not only the rest of the league, but from some,  if not most of their own fans.

The 53 who have nothing to do with Management decisions .

Those 53 are “MY TEAM” and call me crazy , but I will never be ANYTHING BUT PROUD than to be a “BENGAL".

by gratefulmax on Aug 23, 2011 7:27 AM PDT reply actions  

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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