AFC North preview

This is a pivotal week for the AFC N.  With Cincy & Balt tied at 6-2, and Pitts right behind them at 6-3 anything can happen.  Here is a brief preview;

Steelers 6-3 (0-2 in Division) @ Bengals 6-2 (1-0 in Divison)
The Steelers are pretty upset after being swept by Baltimore and are looking for revenge.  This in many ways is a "must win" for Pitts.  If they lose this one, they will be 0-3 in the Division, and the chance of winning the AFC North becomes pretty slim.  Win or lose, most Bengals fans will be satisfied with what has already been accomplished this season.  However this young Bengals team will be voided of national respect until we can hang with Pitts & Balt.  Expect a low scoring, bruising type of game here.  I'm giving the home field advantage to the Bengals, and predicting they win it.   I believe the difference maker for the Bengals wont be a player, but a coach.  Jay Gruden's West Coast offense calls for Dalton to get rid of the ball quickly, which will limit the amount of hits the Steelers put on him.  Also, the Steelers don't traditionally do good against West Cost Offenses.  Remember the SB? 

Bengals 21 - Steelers 16

Ravens 6-2 (just 2-2 on the road) @ Seahawks 2-6
The line is Ravens by 8, however this is my upset special of the week.  Going on the West Coast is sometimes difficult for a team, plus playing in the loudest stadium in the NFL won't help the Ravens cause.  The Seahawks actually have a good run defense, and may be able to stop or slow down Ray Rice.  If that happens and the Ravens are forced to air it out, then I don't have much confidence in Joe F.  The Ravens are highly talented, but they play down to their competition.  Remember the Jacksonville MNF disaster?  I feel a repeat of that coming up.

Seahawks 20 - Ravens 17

Rams 1-7 (0-4 on the road) @ Browns 3-5
Brownies are favored by 1.5 pts.  The Rams are 32nd in opp. rushing yds per game.  The Browns are a dismal 30th in opp. rushing yds per game.  Since neither team can stop the rush, I give the advantage to the Rams, as the Browns RB's are a disaster of injuries.  The Browns main problem is they can't seem to score.  They have scored more then 18 pts only once this yr, and that was against the Colts.  The Rams on the other hand put up 31 pts on the Saints, then took the Cardinals in OT.  The Rams have more offensive weapons then the Browns, and this game shouldn't even be close.

Rams 16 - Browns 9

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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