How To Get Through This Week

6-3 is still good, but at what cost? Leon Hall May I Say, We still have the Ravens this coming up weekend so Im still looking forward to a great game.

On the Defense

Well I just feel horrible at the moment, when I heard about Hall being out for the season. I know I know, Next man up, but this year our weakest Depth was at the Cornerback position.

Leon Hall

Nate Clements

Adam Jones

Kelly Jennings

- Im just not thrill with this Depth, Clements has been solid no doubt about it, but he cant match up with the speed WR, Jones is good, but the problem is that he isnt healthy to get into action, Jennings has issue with not turning his head around to look for the ball, but when he finds the ball, its in the endzone with the WR because he stops running when he tries to locate the ball.

I dont know how other fellow Cincinnati Bengals Fans are feeling at the moment, but I'm just worried about the backend of our Defense.

The D-line did a great job yesterday, we got to their QB and hit him to know that we werent going to stop, 4 sacks, WOW and we were missing Carlos Dunlap, our Best pass rusher. Geathers stepped up big yesterday getting 1.5 sacks, i think hes better vs the Steelers, maybe because he knows what their going to do. I give him props, I also like the Energy how we played on the D-line. The only concern i had was getting to contain Ben and forcing pressure up the middle.

Overall, the LB Corp was good, we limited the running game and we stopped the running game to make them throw the ball. The only problem was stopping them when we had to stop them at the most critical time in the game. Our LB did a great job stopping the run, not doubt about that, but the problem was in pass coverage, Mendenhall was open on a misdirection for a big gain, which led to a TD for a 14-0 Steelers lead

Our DB on the other hand wasnt as good, Hall was beat a few times, and we simply couldnt stop Antonio Brown from going off, but he did manage to stop Mike Wallace from killing us with the deep ball though. Crocker is okay in pass coverage

On the Offense

Dalton should go up to Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson to have a long workout on their timing and relationship issue.

Yesterday, Dalton didnt seem to trust them, and Dalton was doing one thing while Jerome and Andre was doing another. On the 1st pick, Dalton kinda overthrew Caldwell a bit, but if only he hit him right on the 8 and the 7 then it would have been different, seems like Dalton favors throwing it high, because usually AJ Green runs that route and He would have placed the ball high, but remember this is Caldwell, he isnt that tall. On the 2nd INT, I think Jerome didnt trust Dalton (like really Jerome? gosh, hes your Future QB and you wont at least knock the ball away) Jerome was sitting in the zone between the defender in the flat, and the back DB who was looking to be in a cover 3, Dalton expected you to run across the zone and he was going to hit you in stride and you just stop.

I think our Offense did great in Protecting Dalton, I didnt even see a hold from Whitworth, i think it was a lame call, replay even had that there wasnt anyone holding, Another cheap call which ruin our momentum driving down the field, because i believe we had a great play from there too.

How do I put Jerome and Andre in a sentence, Hmmmmmmm I know, FAIL to Impress and intimidate by the Steelers DB's, Ike Taylor just simply jammed Jerome and then he stopped playing, on the other hand, Caldwell just cant get open. 

Im not going to question Jay Gruden's playcalling, but i think we should stretch the field down the seam with Gresham and have him do his thing. Jermaine looks like he can really tear up a defense if he had the chance to run down the seam. I think we can use Chase Coffman like how the Patriots use their TE's to Rip up the DB's and How Jermichael Finley is use like in Green Bay

The running game looks to be a little off page, but im not too worried, we got Benson pounding and Scott to KO them with speed. I think our Running game is going to have to fall on the Shoulders of Benson, I say this because if Benson can get going and start getting good gains, we can wear down a defense and make them be aggressive on the inside and we can have Scott beat them to the outside.


Overall, I hope we can promote Ghee into the 3/4 DB spot, hopefully he can be the Dunlap in the Secondary and make impacting play differences and change a game all together.

But I still have high hopes for the team, if your D-line can pick up the slack for our DB's I can live with that, if Our  D-line can get to the QB every time and hit him, pressure him sack him, Im all good with that. I don't have a problem at all.

Draft Thoughts

Quickly DB, WR and RB is climbing up the boards with the loss that we have suffer in the last game. Hopefully we can draft impact players who can help us right away.

1a. Morris Claiborne DB LSU

1b. David DeCastro OG Stanford

2. Lamar Miller RB Miami FL

3. Kendall Wright WR Baylor/ Rueben Randle WR LSU / Dwight Jones WR UNC

4. Trumaine Johnson DB Montana

5a. Brandon Taylor SS LSU

5b. Alex Oakfor DE Texas

6. BJ Cunningham WR Michigan State

7. Miles Burris LB San Diego State

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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