I Dont Think This Is A Good Sign

Dropping 2 games to the"Elite Teams in the AFC"

The Ravens game wasnt  a good as i thought here are some issues we need to fix


  1. Establish the Running Game
  2. Control the Line of Scrimmage
  3. Protect the Football

Those were the  issues we had in the Ravens game.

I also want to say that we didnt even sack Joe Flacco, he had all the time in the world to scan through the field and hit his WR in stride,

Leon Hall Injury and JJoe's Departure to Houston

has hurt Zimmer's scheme vs The most elite teams


Hall and JJoe were the focus point because they could play man to man which allowed Zimmer to have different looks to confuse Flacco in the past, but not with both guys out,  Zimmer had to play it more safe


Overall review

  • Dalton hit a brick wall today with the INT's
  • WR was nearly non-existence even though was seeming to have a big day
  • Couldnt get pressure on Flacco
  • we let Ray Rice Beat us, he was able to run around without anyone being to tackle him
  • Turnover and Penalties in the Clutch has killed our Drives

Overall, I think that Jerome was alright, I think he has been overshadow with AJ Green performances, Caldwell has the same issue as Jerome, he hasnt have any separation from the defenders,  Hawkins has won this won, he should be the 4th option coming into next year

WR for next year

  1. AJ Green
  2. Jerome Simpson
  3. Jordan Shipley
  4. Andrew Hawkins
  5. Andre Caldwell (can leave through FA)
  6. Ryan Whalen

Well Im thinking that we dont need a WR right away, only just a speed WR to Compliment

AJ Green and Jerome Simpson

Jerome has been inconsistent with his play, but that can be fix with Jay Gruden Calling the plays.


Overall the Bengals started off slow, on Defense we slowed them down but i guess we werent playing smart and started to creep up to the LOS and they beat us with the long bomb to Smith.....

Issue on teh Defense

  1. Pass rush wasnt there today
  2. Coverage in the Secondary wasnt good
  3. Blown Coverages and Plays

Its going to be a lot of questions about us being a contender, but i think we can still make the playoffs if we beat Everyone else on the schedule

the browns

at pitt

home to the texans

at st. louis

home to the cards

home to the ravens

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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