Whats At Stake?

A Playoff Spot is At Stake!!

For the Bengals?? Really, how cool is that to!! Remember when the media said we had the 33rd best QB and their was on 32 teams in the NFL, and that we will end up 0-16, ha they now look like some losers now calling us the Next 0-16 team

Let me start this by saying 7-4 BRING ON THE STEELERS

Great, comeback yesterday, gave me a scared in the 1st half with the Defense not starting quick enough, but its not how you start its how you finish

The Offense looked great in the running game yesterday, Benson tearing it over a 100 yds, and B. Scott had trouble getting it going yesterday. But overall i give the Running game an "A" Also Benson was catching the ball yesterday what a surprise.....

The WR looked a little scary yesterday, didnt get some huge production from Jerome Simpson and AJ Green is just AJ Green, doing his thing

Jerome on the other hand is still having an issue with stepping up when AJ Green is in the Line-up, Come on Jerome "I know you want to be a Number #1 WR but if you do, you need to catch the ball OKAY" and also I think Marvin is right, we dont have a number #1 WR, we have a 1A, and a 1B WR with AJ and Jerome

Jay Gruden did a great job of using Jermaine Gresham on sunday vs the Browns, he simply split him out on a Safety and simpley told Dalton to lob it to him, I think we should use that more often to get the Defense guessing and having them to split out one of their LB's or Safety trying to match-up Jermaine Gresham in a 1 on 1 match-up on the outside.

On Defense, Our unit did a good job

D-line wasnt getting as much pressure in the 1st half as much, but did come up big when they were needed, Geathers was getting to the QB and Atkins was getting there too, which kind of benefits us, since we have a lot of depth on the D-line to help our backend.

LB Corp was Great they did a great job all round, stopping the run and defending the pass, i liked what i saw yesterday and i hope we keep it up so we can knock those Steelers down next week.

DB was a problem a bit, in the 1st half I think the DB wasnt getting in the right depth in coverage and allowed 2 TD's

CB-was one of the problem i think we can fix with Technique and fundamental, i think we can cover this weakness. If we can stop the run with the front 7 without bringing Nelson or Crocker to the line of scrimmage, we have a chance to hide our weakness in the Secondary.

Safety- is another problem with me, we have Crocker and Nelson up at the line so much that, if someone goes play action run we can get beat, Nelson takes too many bad angles i think, and he isnt in the right depth in his coverage, Crocker isnt a coverage safety, he is more of the inside the box and physical safety who just lit you up once you get across the middle.


I want to see Brandon Ghee pair up with Jones and Clements in the Nickel Package and have Thomas Howard and Brandon Johnson as LB and Mays at SS and the D-line with Dunlap, Atkins, Fanene, and Johnson/Rucker.


What we need to fix

  1. We Cant always dig ourselves in a hole and expect to come back, even though it has worked for us a lot of time, i mean i just want to see a game where we put our feet on the gas pedal and let it rip, like dominating a team that we should like the Rams or Cardinals game, i want to see a blow-out but i'll have to wait until then
  2. Cant fall behind to top Teams in the NFL, the last two weeks before the Browns game, we fell behind too much and didnt take care of the football against some of the best team in the NFL, hopefully we do this weekend at the Steelers, i hope we get ahead and stay ahead for good, and totally completely shut down their running so our D-line can pin their ears back and get to the QB

Overall i think we should ride on this momentum into the Steelers game and smash some-one in the mouth to show them we are for real

Feed backs and Opinions would be great and helpful and thanks for dropping by to Read my Fanpost.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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