Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 10 vs. Pittsburgh

Guys, I'm sorry but I have felt extremely horrible for a few days now.  I'm going on ahead and getting the new thread up so you guys can start making your picks for next week, but I don't have the energy or mental balance to handle trying to calculate last week's score right now.

I have strong hopes of feeling better later in the week -- i already do seem to be making at least SOME improvement -- so hopefully I can get the points calculated by the weekend.  But I can't guarantee it.  I will also plan on coming back to this post and adding a proper write-up, the points, and the rules links and all that other fun stuff just as soon as I can.  But don't know precisely when that will be.

In the meantime, start making your picks and let's hope our boys will be fully ready on Sunday to beat the Steelers!

Well this has been an interesting, irritating, and overlong delay in my ability to return and get this all tabulated and calculated. I will not bore you with the details, let’s just leave it at I hope none of you ever truly understand how I’ve been feeling. I’m not yet 100% but I’m good enough to get at least some things done and I’m going to try to catch up now before this gets even more ridiculously overdue.

In week 9 we had extremely light scoring. None of the RBs scored on the ground, and old reliable A.J. Green unfortunately took the week off. This left many people out of luck in the scoring department. In fact, only four people scored, off of Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson stepping up when we needed them most. Colin Cochart and Nate Clements would also have scored points had anybody picked them, but nobody did. Thomas Howard also forced a fumble, but with it being recovered by the Titans its worthless to our purposes.

Also, while I’m at it, a quick shout-out to Aether for giving us a temporary/unofficial stat count so people at least had some clue where they were. Thanks man. Also, given that at least one person requested it, I’m hereby offering honorable mention to those who keep trying but keep failing to score points. supergrover seems to be one of the primarily unlucky people in this regard, given that he has no points at all. I’m not that far behind him, tho, as for several weeks now I consistenly pick somebody either one week before or one week after they score, but never on the week they do. Sigh. Well maybe our luck will turn around at some point in the future.

Here are the weekly points scored:

Throw the ball – 43 pts (Andre Caldwell)
rudebengal18 – 41 pts (Jerome Simpson)
Rocket_Man_G – 41 pts (Jerome Simpson)
Aether – 41 pts (Jerome Simpson)

Added to previous standings, this gives us a week 8 leaderboard of:

1. duffmane – 202 pts
2. Paul Cannon – 201 pts
3. Cry – 195 pts
4. The Dealio – 187 pts
5. MCSubtext – 184 pts
6. Jordan G – 171 pts
7. ItsAlwaysSunnyInDayton – 169 pts
8. bill schwab – 166 pts
9t. ephram – 159 pts
9t. Throw the ball – 159 pts
10. rudebengal18 – 156 pts
11. BoomerEsiason’sLoveChild – 153 pts
12t. Boomer Lion – 152 pts
12t. JerseyBengal – 152 pts
13. Rockhound-11 – 150 pts
14. Mr. X – 149 pts
15t. Cedric Benson Boat Party – 148 pts
15t. diehard bengals fan 20 – 148 pts
16t. BonnieBengal – 142 pts
16t. James Schmid the great – 142 pts
16. featherman – 131 pts
18. TruWhoDey – 125 pts
19. Pardon_My_French – 122 pts
20. jim0ijk – 113 pts
21. Grizzlyfox – 107 pts
22. biggie22 – 106 pts
23. Aether – 144 pts
24. these3words – 90 pts
25. jimbasa – 88 pts
26. Luke – 86 pts
27. DiabeticBengal – 83 pts
28. Alexneyer – 82 pts
29. Striped_To_Impress – 81 pts
30. WHYUS!! – 75 pts
31. KyleStyle11 – 74 pts
32t. bengalsfanforlife – 72 pts
32t. LookingDeep – 72 pts
33. 70sav – 73 pts
34t. i am will – 70 pts
34t. JADefense – 70 pts
34t. K312 – 70 pts
34t. Joe Goodberry – 70 pts
34t. BradDwayne – 70 pts
34t. CincyMike56 – 70 pts
34t. emeybee – 70 pts
35t. Richard L – 52 pts
35t. FriarBob – 52 pts
36. cincyplayoffwin2012 – 46 pts
37. occams_tiger_teeth – 45 pts
38. casapennec – 44 pts
39. Rocket_Man_G – 41 pts
40. CBJKing – 40 pts
41. Purple City Middie – 33 pts
42. ThreeofSpades – 28 pts
43. boynamedsue – 22 pts

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