How to be a Contender+ Mock draft

At 7-6 the Bengals still have a lot of room to grow and improve, also the Bengals are still missing some pieces, there is still a chance to win out and try to get the #6 seed in the AFC, if we just win out and take care of business we still have a chance, and maybe ask for some help from the Eagles,Giants, and Dolphins to knock the Jets out.

But 1st thing 1st

(sexsalad: i took your words and i changed the mock draft up and did a lot more thinking this time)

On the Front Office

I would have to say that the Bengals Front Office has been great as of late, besides bringing back JJoe, but thats out the door

  • Signing of Nate Clements who is a solid veteran who can not only play Defense but also make plays on ST as well
  • Signing of Thomas Howard and Manny Lawson: 2 LB's who has helped our Defense and has been playing well as of late(excluding the Texans game in Coverage)
  • Trading for Taylor Mays, the guy was a 2nd rounder and we only gave up a 2013 7th round pick for him and we get to develop him with that chip on his shoulders as like the other 31 teams didnt want you and heres your last chance mentality
  • Trading for Kelly Jennings, I dont think it was a great move, but an okay one, Jennings hasnt been what we expected because maybe we rushed him into the line-up after Leon Hall's injury, but Clinton McDonald was going to get cut anyways it was a numbers game

On Marvin Lewis

  • Marvin Lewis has finally have control over his team, also he has the authority to run his team and not have to deal with the distractions
  • Marvin has gain some respect from Mikey Brown and Brown seems to trust Marvin
  • Marvin had to deal with Ownership and Ownership has now given some control to Marvin
  • Marvin's Team surprised everyone, everyone expected the Bengals to go 0-16 and draft Andre Luck, but has everyone on their heels thinking this is a new team, Marvin's Team

On Jay Gruden

  • Has done a great job with a Rookie QB and WR
  • Balance out the offense and is using the weapons more
  • Inputting Gresham in the Offense and is spreading him around
  • Not Predictable unlike Bratkowski

On Mike Zimmer

  • Building a Great Unit, only if he can add a few more pieces then the D would be scary
  • Using guys to their Strength
  • D-line Rotation is a Key to Zimmer's Defense
  • Has got a lot of pressure on Opposing Offenses

Free Agents the Bengals should give a look


Carl Nicks OG Saints

Ben Grubbs OT Ravens

Mike Wallace WR Steelers

Marques Colston WR Saints

Robert Meachem WR Saints

DeSean Jackson WR Eagles

Mario Manningham WR Giants

Pierre Garcon WR Colts

Harry Douglas WR Falcons

Ted Ginn Jr WR 49ers

Lavelle Hawkins WR Titans

Michael Bush RB Raiders

Ray Rice RB Ravens

Matt Forte RB Bears

Josh Johnson QB Buccaneers

Drew Brees QB Saints(notable)


On Offense, the Bengals should really address the O-line position and the #2 WR spot. I personally think Jerome can play, but the guy just need to be more consistence every weekend and he has the tools to be a 1b WR. Offensive Line is the big issue, the Bengals will have to at least get a guard in FA and maybe another through the Draft


Mario Williams DE/OLB Texans

Curtis Lofton LB Falcons

Geno Hayes LB Buccaneers

London Fletcher LB Redskins

Thomas DeCoud S Falcons

Cortland Finnegan DB Titans

Tracy Porter DB Saints

Aaron Ross DB Giants

Reggie Smith S 49ers

LaRon Landry S Redskins

Kareem Moore S Redskins


The Bengals dont need to really need to go into Free Agency and get a lot of pieces, they can really build through the draft on the Defensive side of the ball. They dont need to really to address the safety position until they get to see how Taylor Mays play.

Bengals Free Agents

(Bold= re-sign)(Italic= Maybe)(No Mark= not coming back)

Jerome Simpson WR:Maybe

Andre Caldwell WR: Gone

Cedric Benson RB:Gone

Bobbie Williams OG: Bring back for 1-2 years

Nate Livings OG: Maybe if we dont get big names in Free Agency at OG

Anthony Collins OT: Can be a starter else where but is has been good in Cincy

Mike McGlynn OL: dont see this happening but maybe gone

Dennis Roland OT: I dont see Roland coming back unless the coaches see something i dont

Donald Lee TE: would be great to help Gresham maybe another year

Bo Scaife TE: its neither Scaife go or Lee

Chris Pressley FB: hes coming back for sure our only true FB on the team 2-4 year

Mike Nugent K: has been clutch havent had a K who is clutch (cough Cough Shanye "Shame" Graham)

Frostee Rucker DE: Good for our depth 2-3 years

Jonathan Fanene DL: can play DT and DE and good for depth 2-3 years

Pat Sims DT: Big Run stopper and can plug up the holes and take one double teams 2-4 years

Robert Geathers DE: dont see Geathers coming back unless he is willing to take a paycut big time

Manny Lawson LB: has been great for our Defense, 2-3 years

Vincent Rey LB: its a numbers game here, with River coming back, hes more likely to be gone

Adam Jones DB: Jones adds depth and toughness on the outside

Kelly Jennings DB: gone

Reggie Nelson FS: hasnt been a playermaker, but has been solid to be a force

Gibril Wilson S: Wilson should come back, guy is a veteran who knows the game

Jeromy Miles S: Miles can be back, but it depends where we are headed in the draft

Draft (My Thoughts)

Round 1: Lamar Miller RB Miami,FL "U"

Round 1: Trade down for a 1st in 2013 +2nd in 2012 and a 6th in 2012

Round 2: Janoris Jenkins DB North Alabama

Round 2: Stephon Gilmore DB South Carolina

Round 3: Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin

Round 4: Trumaine Johnson DB/S Montana

Round 5: Alex Okafor DE Texas

Round 5: Asa Jackson DB Cal Poly

Round 6: Jeff Demps RB Florida

Round 6: Landon Walker OT Clemson

Round 7: Philip Blake C Baylor


The Reason for trading down is that this year's draft class isnt as strong as People say it will, it is looking to be a weak draft so why not stock up some picks for next year and get the players you want, It will also be easier to make a move with more draft picks at hand.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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