Bengals Player Pick 'Em Wk 17 vs Baltimore

Sorry I'm a bit late getting the new post up.

Well another week, another win, and another game in which we come entirely too close to blowing a lead against a clearly inferior opponent. This is not the way you win championships. On the other hand, I'm also not surprised by this, as our team is injured to hell and back and we just don't YET have the kind of depth that can sustain a team through an injury wave like this (unlike the Pack last year).

Still we are only one win from the playoffs. Even better yet, we can spoil the Ravens big plans for a division championship, a home playoff game, and a BYE. If only that didn't mean we would then turn the division over to the Stoolers instead. Bleugh. Well oh well. Let's at least give it the old college try anyway, and maybe we'll get lucky and the Browns will remember they're supposed to be pros and play decently as well.

On the plus side, with the Texans now locked into the #3 seed and our only playoff hopes as the #6 seed, we actually might have a half a chance to win a playoff game after all. We may fail, (and for that matter, we aren't yet even guaranteed to get to the playoffs in the first place) but again, if we do let's at least go down swinging.

Please remember to un-rec the previous week's post if you rec'd it previously...

Scoring recap post from last week is repeated below the jump as well as the summary version of the rules. (Review the original full write-up of the rules here if you like.) Pick your player in the comments and have fun!

Well that was an interesting game result last weekend. We jump out to a huge lead and then very nearly squander it at the end, much like the previous week… and the previous week before that as well. And all three weeks this occurs against pretty much clearly inferior opponents. Not exactly a convincing argument for us being a top-12 team in the NFL right now. Worse yet, we flat out came within inches, nay millimeters, of repeating the Houston effect of giving up a score at the very last second, and would have but for the way the "turf monster" helped us out. Granted, this time it would only have forced overtime, but anything can happen in OT and we only avoided it through pure luck. Yuk.

Well enough griping about the game, on to the weekly results. We had 33 legit entries plus one entry placed nearly two full days after the game was over. Huh? Was that supposed to be for next week, perhaps? At least our defense showed up this week, grabbing three interceptions. A significantly better job than their complete no-show in STL. Unfortunately, Rey grabbed one of those and very few people have been willing to show him any love for weeks now (granted, with good cause, but still, it’s wasted points this time around). We also had two passing TDs for our guys and Andy didn’t throw a pick. Unfortunately A.J. and Andy were far more effective running the ball than our RBs were, which isn’t very good. Maybe this coming offseason Mikey the Moron will finally listen to all of us who feel it is time and past time to finally upgrade the OL? Yeah, probably not.

Here are the weekly points scored:

JerseyBengal – 31 pts (Jerome Simpson)
Grizzlyfox – 31 pts (Nate Clements)
Jordan G – 31 pts (Jerome Simpson)
KyleStyle11 – 31 pts (Nate Clements)
bill schwab – 30 pts (Reggie Nelson)
WHYUS!! – 30 pts (Reggie Nelson)
BonnieBengal – 30 pts (Reggie Nelson)
70sav – 28 pts (Jermaine Gresham)
The Dealio – 28 pts (Jermaine Gresham)
FriarBob – 28 pts (Jermaine Gresham)
Paul Cannon – 28 pts (Jermaine Gresham)
TruWhoDey – 28 pts (Jermaine Gresham)

Added to previous standings, this gives us a week 16 leaderboard of:

1. Paul Cannon – 319 pts
2. The Dealio – 300 pts
3. Mr. X – 295 pts
4. BonnieBengal – 281 pts
5. Boomer Lion – 275 pts
6. BoomerEsiason’sLoveChild – 274 pts
7. James Schmid the great – 264 pts
8. diehard bengals fan 20 – 242 pts
9. Cry – 228 pts
10. JerseyBengal – 216 pts
11. MCSubtext – 213 pts
12t. duffmane – 202 pts
12t. Jordan G – 202 pts
13. Rockhound-11 – 201 pts
14. rudebengal18 – 197 pts
15. bill schwab – 196 pts
16. jim0ijk – 193 pts
17. ephram – 192 pts
18. TruWhoDey – 190 pts
19. 70sav – 187 pts
20. WHYUS!! – 180 pts
21. KyleStyle11 – 175 pts
22. Aether – 173 pts
23. Cedric Benson Boat Party – 170 pts
24. ItsAlwaysSunnyInDayton – 169 pts
25. Grizzlyfox – 163 pts
26. Throw the ball – 159 pts
27. Pardon_My_French – 155 pts
28. Luke – 144 pts
29. cincyplayoffwin2012 – 134 pts
20. LookingDeep – 133 pts
31. featherman – 131 pts
32. FriarBob – 123 pts
33. Alexneyer – 111 pts
34t. biggie22 – 106 pts
34t. CBJKing – 106 pts
34. Richard L – 92 pts
35. these3words – 90 pts
36. jimbasa – 88 pts
37. DiabeticBengal – 83 pts
38. Striped_To_Impress – 81 pts
39. Rocket_Man_G – 78 pts
40. bengalsfanforlife – 72 pts
41t. i am will – 70 pts
41t. JADefense – 70 pts
41t. K312 – 70 pts
41t. Joe Goodberry – 70 pts
41t. BradDwayne – 70 pts
41t. CincyMike56 – 70 pts
41t. emeybee – 70 pts
42. sexsalad – 55 pts
43. the Flying Pig – 52 pts
44. occams_tiger_teeth – 45 pts
45. casapennec – 44 pts
46. Purple City Middie – 33 pts
47. ThreeofSpades – 28 pts
48. boynamedsue – 22 pts

And, by repeated request, the alphabetical roll-call of people who have tried but failed to score any points for the entire season. In order to get on and stay on this list, you must have at least submitted a legitimate pick every week (though I’m not going back to recalculate things so I’m starting only with those who were qualified as of week 12) and continue to fail to score points any points for the entire season.


Here is a quick recap of the rules.

  1. Pick one player (Make it easy on me, make him the title of your post. Both first and last name please, and please try to avoid nicknames or blatant misspellings.) who is NOT officially listed as a QB, P, or PK on the roster.
  2. An offensive score is worth one point per participant who did not pick your player.
  3. A defensive player is worth 2/1/0.5 point(s) per participant who did not pick your player based on if he 2) actually scored, 1) gained possession of the ball for the team but didn't actually score, or 0.5) allowed the Bengals to gain possession by causing a fumble (or blocking a kick) that another Bengals player recovered. Sacks or tackles behind the line of and by themselves are not worth anything unless they are a strip-sack (0.5 points if we recover) or they are also a safety (2 points). All half-points will be rounded down. A blocked FG is always 0.5 for the blocker, a blocked punt is the same unless the blocker is the only person (on either team) to touch the ball before it becomes a safety (in which case it becomes 2 points).
  4. You score the maximum possible points for your player but only one time. So a defensive player who forces an opponent's fumble that Cincinnati recovers and recovers another opponent's fumble at a different point in the game is worth 1x points (not 1.5x cumulative).
  5. Keep commentary to the bare minimum please.
  6. Predictions on how they will score are not required, and if you provide one they don't net you any bonus if you are right nor do they detract if you are wrong (so long as they do actually score by game rules).
  7. Try to be original yet still pick somebody you think has a realistic chance to score or cause a turnover.
  8. Only ONE (1) player entry per contestant, per week is allowed. Unless your first player was on the roster at the start of the week and is put on IR/cut/traded before the next week, your first comment is your player, so pick carefully.
  9. Deadline for player entries each week is THIRTY (30) minutes prior to kickoff.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Cincy Jungle's writers or editors.

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